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We’re a family of adventurers. H spent large parts of his teens exploring Europe and the continental USA and I was usually to be found hiking across Dartmoor, acquiring a most impressive set of blisters on various Duke of Edinburgh’s award expeditions, or down at the beach, swimming, sailing or surfing.

We’ve travelled ever since we first knew each other, from the time H swears my itinerary for Rome had him walking up every one of the seven hills (it was only six of the seven), to a New York to Boston road trip and our first wedding anniversary in Paris, although we’re neither going to count or mention our honeymoon when I got appendicitis as we touched down in Florida.


The arrival of our gorgeous little trio hasn’t changed a thing, we just have to pack a few more bags.

We took Kitty to Venice when she was eight months old, and she and a nine month old Elma came on a wonderful trip to Spain, to say nothing of the day trips and expeditions closer to home.

You can follow all our adventures home and abroad here, or alternatively you might enjoy our Postcards From…  all of our favourite expeditions.


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