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The thank you socks {handmade}


Or, what I made, while we lived in a tent.

Tent life lends itself to a lot of snuggling up of an evening with some knitting, and when we were gathering up the things we’d need for camping, before the packers came in to get the rest ready for storage, the first place I went was the yarn stash.  A nearly finished jumper for Pip went in the bag, and then a fiery orange aran to make a winter jumper for me, and then, right on top, two skeins of sock yarn.  My love language is textiles, and I’m utterly unashamed about it, and so there was never really any question about what these would be, or who they were for.

Socks. A very seasonally appropriate gift for the summer, but the best way I know to say thank you.

They were the first thing I made in the tent, knitting on into the evening and then waking up in the morning to see what stripes had appeared. I wanted to make absolutely sure that they were all finished before our purchase completed and we moved in.  Oh such optimism; I could have made both pairs several times over before we were finally able to move.  They lived, hidden in plain sight in a laundry basket, all through the rest of the summer, until finally I got to give them away.

The first pair are Trekking XXL, in a colour called Greens, that, according to the children, look exactly like tractor tyres and courgettes when knitted up.  I can kind of see what they mean, which makes them serendipitously appropriate, especially given the amount of time Pip spent gazing at his uncle’s tractor’s with open-mouthed adoration.  This yarn I think came from Florida, either from our honeymoon, or when we went back to have another shot at a happy Florida holiday and I still ended up in hospital (a story for another time).  Either way, buying that yarn made me very very happy, and knitting it up made me even happier.  They’re not much use in August I know, but in the winter, they will be warm and snuggly, and as I’m definitely hoping for snow, they should be perfect.

And the second, well this is yarn of my own invention.  We had some leftover Easter Egg dye a year ago and I spent a messy afternoon playing around a blank skein of sock yarn from the back of the stash.  At the time it was just playing, with the full knowledge that if it turned out horribly I’d bin it without a second thought, but it turned out to be one of my prettiest inventions and I’ve been saving it for a very special pair of socks.

I could have found no worthier recipient.  All the time I was knitting them Kitty was quite desperate to know who they were for, I suspect harbouring a secret dream that they might be for her, even though it was blindingly obvious that they weren’t her size.  I’ve got a decent wedge of leftovers though, and I suspect that if I can find the right deep blue solid, they might just end up being part of a pair of Christmas socks.

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  • Geertrude 30/08/2017 at 12:03 pm

    I love both pairs! Now you’ve got me thinking about sock knitting. 😉

  • Jen 01/09/2017 at 7:20 pm

    Eeek! The prettiest rainbow yarn ever, well done!

  • Cheryl | Time To Craft 06/09/2017 at 9:39 am

    Oh socks. What a great way to say thank you. Impressed by how your Easter egg dye turned out.