Frozen Pines {handmade for baby}


New arrivals to the family need knitwear.  I’m sure somewhere you’d find that hardwired into my DNA, and it’s impossible to resist and a certain adorable new baby girl was never going to persuade me otherwise.  She shares my middle name, I’m biased.

With all of my favourite baby patterns, and almost all of my yarn stash in storage, I turned to Ravelry and my little collection of adorable baby patterns that I never seem to get around to knitting for someone because (a) I don’t know what variety of baby to expect and (b) I forget I’ve bookmarked them all and go back to one of my favourite tried and tested patterns.

I’d love to be more organised with my Ravelry queue and have the next twenty things I’m going to make all lined up and in a nice neat order but it never works like that. Whatever I’m going to knit next is largely determined by whichever child has an impending birthday, and because they are 6,4 and almost 3, they’re far too capricious to plan their next knits too far in advance, or it will turn out that pink is entirely out of favour by the time I start the sleeve.  But this time, and with the tiny little miss announcing herself as a little miss by suprising my cousins with her early arrival, I went for a serious trawl through all of my bookmarks.

Not something that I’d knit before, something that wouldn’t be too heavy for the summer, something that would be perfectly sweet and make her even more cuddleable than she already is.

Norwegian Pine won.  It’s a very simple pattern, and a clever one; using the yarn overs in the fern pattern to provide the raglan increases, while the garter stitch makes for a super squishy knit that passes all the cuddle tests.  I know the pattern has had some critical reviews in the past, but it’s worth knowing that it’s been completely re-drafted and I found it really easy to follow.

The yarn is a baby favourite of mine; Rowan’s Baby Merino Silk DK.  It’s as soft as butter, has a gorgeous depth to the colour because the dye takes up differently on the silk and the wool, it’s all natural fibre and best of all, it goes in the washing machine at 40.  I’ll admit I’ve been longing to knit with the Iceberg colour for a while; it reminds me of the sea at the end of the brightest of summer days, and the most prized bits of sea glass that would wash up in winter storms, along with a handful of green.  And for a little girl with an equally adorable big sister, it’s also a nice compliment to the pink.


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  • Sue 22/08/2017 at 7:06 am

    So adorable! I love the design, I love the color–it DOES remind one of sea glass! Everything about this little sweater is wonderful (that sweet button)! You are very talented!