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Me and Mine 2017: April


Only this afternoon did I realise that only in my head does a day called the 30/1 of Apray actually exist.  Really truly, despite 30 something years on this earth, I thought tomorrow was the last day of April, and at the same time know that it’s the May bank holiday and I don’t have to go to work.  It wouldn’t have made much difference anyway; despite having had a week’s holiday in the middle of the month and all the lovely sunny evenings, I took our pictures this morning under the cherry tree.

It’s a beautiful tree and it’s been a marker of the change of our season here in this house when every year bare branches unfurl first tiny leaves and then let free with a cascade of pink snow that not only covers our garden but reaches out to embrace the neighbours too.  All being well, and I say that with all fingers and toes double and triple crossed, this is our last spring with this cherry tree, and while the garden of the new house (touch wood) has at least one apple tree, I don’t know whether we’ll need to add a cherry for the same effect.  The reality is starting to hit that we really will be moving house, and in among organising for a friend to come around to quote for the removals, and dealing with surveyors and agents and all the rest, I’m determined to make time to cherish and preserve our most favourite parts of this very first home of ours.

And so here we are, in all our Sunday morning barely awakeness, watching the petals come swirling down in the breeze, and trying to take a photo in which Elma is not entirely obscured by her hair.

This month John has loved the Easter holidays; me being home all day and the return of several sorely needed weeks of lazy mornings and no long school run.  It’s a marker of these holidays how little we’ve driven, and I think he’s enjoyed the rest.  April has also brought the start of the cricket season, and if I’d written this post last night instead of this I could have told you how he’d got 7 runs and the final wicket (off 3 balls) in the first match of the season.  Today he didn’t need to bat as we romped to victory and gave away only 11 runs for his 4 overs bowling, all of which I’m told is a good thing.  We, as always, enjoy the tea and the sunshine, and if you were anywhere today that was on the grey and windy spectrum, know that I have cricket spectating down to a fine art, because we came with not only quilts to sit on, but two of the sleeping bags to huddle under. It was great.

I’ve loved the Easter holidays too; I really needed the break and the pottering around days were just perfect, as is going back to work for a week and then having a long weekend (yay for May!). The time off gave me time to finish the cosy cottage ripple blanket I started at Christmas 2014, and for Elma to steal it for her bed, and for Kitty to submit a wish list of the one she wants me to make next, and to do my homework for Sara Tasker’s Instagram course.  It was completely and utterly awesome and I can see the changes in my pictures (come and see my feed here), as much as I can also see how much more I want to keep working on!

As for the littlest three, well Kitty has discovered Swallows and Amazons, because I discovered that they’ve re-recorded them on Audible (the previous reader was just atrocious) and she is now completely immersed in their world, which has led to lots of games of ‘camping’.  John told me that he walked into the lounge to find all three in sleeping bags sat around an upturned scooter helmet, and when Pip reached out for it the girls both said “no don’t touch the fire, it’s hot!”

Elma, as well as purloining my recently finished blanket, had her first day of Kindergarten  She would ordinarily have moved up just after her fourth birthday, but as she joined nursery late because we had to wait until there was space for her, she had an extra term and moved up to join Kitty this week.  I have never seen anyone as excited as she was on her first morning; we all went on the school run and she was literally quivering for more of the journey.  I wasn’t there to pick her up but at little lunch she’d sat between Kitty and one of Kitty’s dearest class friends and to all accounts she’d had a wonderful time and hadn’t been hugged by too many of Kit’s friends to make her not want to go back the next week.  She still only does three mornings each week, but this is where she’ll be in September.

And as for my Pip Squeak, he’s still Mama’s Best Pip, the cuddliest chaos that a Mama ever did see.  He loves that sunshine means outside, and outside means hockey and football and golf and cricket and digging in the mud, and even when it rains, that means puddles.

It’s been a good month, with the prospect of all sorts of excitement in the next few months, roll on May (and another of those bank holidays!).

My little family, in April:

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