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Siblings 2017: April


When I first thought about being a mother, and having a child, my imagination conjured up tiny babies in impossibly cute outfits, who would snooze in the shade of a cherry blossom tree and giggle as they mushed yoghurt into their hair.  Some of that came to pass (though not so much the snoozing), but those were the baby days, and as motherhood for me always started with a baby, my imagination wasn’t too far off the mark.

But when I thought about having multiple children, what it would be like for those imaginary babies to have imaginary siblings, I skipped ahead past the big sibling doting on the new baby stage, past the new sibiling wondering when the baby will start to be any fun, and past the new sibling trying to feed the baby yoghurt while your back is turned, to pretty much where we are now.

I could and can see my little ones sprinting around the place, causing chaos and destruction and utter joy in equal measure.  They are my little band of three, they each have their own slightly different relationship with the other two, but together they have a collective will that gets only stronger with every month and was no more apparent than when we headed out on then adventure when these photos were taken.

Even after living here for twelve years there are still placed I haven’t explored and roads we’ve just never been down, but our hunt for a yellow field took me down a dead end that I’d assumed only went as far as the farm.  In fact it kept going and going and that glimpse of yellow that we’d spotted in the distance turned out to be a gorgeous field in full bloom right next to Chesterton church with a bridleway running straight through it.

And so we went exploring.

We may have taken a few wrong turns on the bridleway down the wide tractor lines than carved patterns through the field, but for the littlest two, who couldn’t see over the top, running down the paths and hiding away so they couldn’t see me was the height of excitement.

Space for the Butterflies - Siblings Monthly Photo Project

The field is big enough that we never got to the other side, and I’m definitely saving that up for another day when they’re all feeling a bit picklish and we need to get out of the house.

I love this picture of Kitty – both feet off the ground and flying.

It was a beautiful sunny evening; all the golden light that I’ve missed through the winter and a warm wind to set the rapeseed dancing.  It smelt like sunshine and sneezes and the melding of spring into summer.

Trying to get all three to pose for a photo was near impossible – the girls would stand still but then Pip dash away chuckling to himself and by the time I’d get them all in the same place at the same time they were laughing fit to burst.  The girls both help in keeping hold of their brother, and I started chuckling when I saw this one pop up in my pictures:

Space for the Butterflies - Siblings Monthly Photo Project

That is ‘big sister’ for “you will stand here until Mama takes this photo and don’t even think of running away”!  I’d say poor Pip but he adores Kitty, largely I suspect because she can enact all of his thoughts of mischief and mayhem that require a slightly longer reach.

And so my little trio grow another month older, another month nearer to our next big house move adventure, and ever more tightly knit together.

Two little sisters, and their brother too, in April


Space for the Butterflies - Siblings Monthly Photo Project

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