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To and Fro: September in the SugarBlock Club {handmade}


Amy named the September Sugarblock to represent the busyness of the back to school month; everyone going here, there and everywhere while the patterns of a new academic year shake down into normal.  I may have only got to it in February, but it’s been apt none the less; a busy block for a busy month.

Space for the Butterflies - Sugarblock Club September Block: To and Fro

One of the biggest challenges I had with this block is that I’m starting to run out of fabric.  At the start of this quilt I went through my scraps and my stash and pulled out anything that seemed to vaguely fit “blue, yellow, green, white background, Spring” and I ended up with a tote bag of fat quarters and scraps and bits and bobs, but a I went through it each month to pull out fabrics for the block I found I was naturally editing towards one particular version of blue, yellow and green.  And I think as I got further into the quilt the edit became stronger; there are blocks that I made in the first few months that I’m still itching to go back and do over (and pretty certain that I will).  But it meant that the bottom of the bag is a puddle of scraps that really should be going back in to the scraps box, and an ever diminishing collection on top.

I have lots of teeny tiny little bits so the little triangles in To and Fro were perfect for sneaking in the very last little scraps of some of my favourite fabrics, and some of the fabrics that fit best in teeny tiny amounts.

Space for the Butterflies - Sugarblock Club September Block: To and Fro

The smaller triangles are flying geese made with half square triangles across each corner but the bigger ones were foundation paper pieced.  I suspect if you were ever going to make an entire quilt of these blocks you might do better with the tri-recs tool that I used to cut all the triangles for my Fishing Net quilt.  They’re just a larger version of the same block and it’s definitely more economic on the fabric than foundation piecing.  I love foundation piecing for the precision when handling teeny tiny bits of fabric, but amount of fabric wastage on the bigger blocks is still a little eye watering!

Space for the Butterflies - Sugarblock Club September Block: To and Fro

And speaking of precision..

Space for the Butterflies - Sugarblock Club September Block: To and Fro

OK, so they’re not quite all perfect, but for me that’s a pretty good triangle point survival rate!

I think if I’d made every full size quilt that I’ve loved from the SugarBlock Club I’d be buried under a small avalanche of quilts, and as it’s February and I’m sewing up September, it’s probably a good thing I never started or we’d still be on March, but the Razzle Dazzle quilt is seriously tempting.

Space for the Butterflies - Sugarblock Club September Block: To and Fro

If two of the blocks look like this, should I not just throw in the towel on the rest of the quilt and make more of these?!

Fear not, with only four more blocks to go (I’ve already done October’s) I’m not backing out yet and I’m really looking forward to seeing all 24 together, and it being dry enough to lay them all out together as we’ve easily reached the critical point at which I need to do my laying out on the lawn!

But Razzle Dazzle‘s going on the list!

Joining Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish it up Friday and Frontier Dreams for Keep Calm, Craft On

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  • Kat 24/02/2017 at 7:07 pm

    These look great, what an awesome block design! I really like the colors you used.

  • Gail 25/02/2017 at 3:04 pm

    Those triangle points look perfect to me! Lovely colours. I hate using up the last bits of my favourite fabrics.

  • Laura@sewknitgrow 28/02/2017 at 7:36 am

    I would definitely say that is precise! Love that the little triangle have just a little taste of something in them.