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Finished Handmade Knitting

Handmade for me


Back in the summer a lovely friend asked me if I ever actually made anything for myself.  As it turned out the last time that I did made anything specifically for me, if you don’t count quilts because they get scooped up by everyone, was when I was expecting Elma and I made myself a maternity jumper. It was, well still is, gorgeous and one of my favourite knits, and one of these days I might just have to reknit the front and turn it back into an ordinary jumper for me; but not just yet.  Perhaps because it was such a success I haven’t felt the need to make anything more for my collection of hand knits, or perhaps I’ve just been busy.  With three ever growing little ones and a husband who likes hand knit socks, to say nothing of friends and family, my needles have been anything but empty.

It’s true too that I’m not lacking any woolies; I have a vast collection of socks, from the pre-children era when I could turn out a pair in a week with a bit of effort, cardigans that I love, and enough hats and scarves and mittens to keep a snowman warm if only I could find them all.20161014-dsc_0233

But a surfeit of socks is no reason not to add to the collection, and when I was routing out some yarn to make John’s final pair of Christmas socks (last Christmas, finished this June), I found a very special skein of yarn, and set it aside for me.  All socks finished and all babies clothed, at least for now, and with a hankering to knit something soft and soothing, I went back for that sock yarn.

The yarn is Socks that Rock Mediumweight, which is enough to make it special by itself, but this skein was a present from the lovely Marisol that she brought home from the very first Sock Summit.  And yes that does mean that this yarn has been in my stash since before Kitty was born.  20161014-dsc_0248

The colourway is Seal Rock, long since discontinued, but a beautiful mix of water, seaweed and rock and just a touch of sunlight.

For my first attempt I started with 48 stitches on 3mm needles but if you saw the soon-to-be-frogged sock on Instagram you’ll know why it had to go; the colours were swirling very very slowly, clumping all the purple together to make it look like I had a massive bruise down the front of my leg.  As at the time I started them I did actually have a massive bruise down the front of my leg (thank you car crash), it had to go.  I started again on 52 sts which makes beautiful thin stripes and big fluffy socks.


They’re not the socks you’d wear for everyday under shoes; these are the socks you cosy up in of an evening or potter round the house in on a Saturday morning when the kitchen tiles feel icy to just got out of bed toes.  In short, they are exactly the socks you need for October.

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