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37/52 {the 2016 portraits}


Linking up with Jodi with a portrait of each of my children once every week for 2016.

Space for the Butterflies - the 52 project

Kitty: Well we’re another week on in this year’s 52 week project and that smile hasn’t dimmed by a single lumen.  You are sweet and you are funny and sometimes you are quite particularly pickleish; my little whirling, giggling rainbow girl. And if you could have worn that tunic every single moment since it arrived I think you would have done! (yay for Boden and 20% off and free shipping sales!)

(Nikon D80, 35mm 1.8 lens – 1/250, f/4.5, ISO 160)

Space for the Butterflies - the 52 project

Elma: Windswept and still slightly sticky with the blueberry jam that escaped your toast earler, and utterly determined to stay in the swing until your poor Mama’s arms protested the effort.  You look like you’re planning some sort of wonderful mischief!

(Nikon D80, 35mm 1.8 lens – 1/200, f/4.5, ISO 160)

Space for the Butterflies - the 52 project

Pip: Puddle inspections are a very serious business.  And finding one at the top of the ladder for the slide is very exciting when you’re two. So exciting that the only way you can really check if it’s actually true is to dive in with both hands.  Even in full waterproofs you came home quite impressively squelchy!

(Nikon D80, 35mm 1.8 lens – 1/640, f/4.5, ISO 160)

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