In the growing garden: 16 June


Space for the Butterflies - the growing garden 16 June

Right up until yesterday afternoon I’d been certain that any update from the garden this week would just be a picture of an umbrella, surrounded by what was once grass and is now a definite quagmire.  But unbelievably we actually saw some blue sky and so I nipped out to take a few photos and do a little tidying up.

Space for the Butterflies - the growing garden 16 June

I’m afraid to say that despite Facebook messages from my gardening guru (my aunt), I have yet to mulch my strawberries, or even net them.  The latter is getting rather urgent as only the calyx remains of what was a giant strawberry that the girls were eagerly watching.  They’re all looking pretty plump this year though so at least something is benefitting from all the rain and if I can pop out today for some netting we might just manage to eat some of them ourselves.

Space for the Butterflies - the growing garden 16 June

A careful examination of the blackcurrant bush suggests that it is not going to fruit or flower or anything this year, and that seems to be par for the course according to my research; it should fruit a bit next year and a lot the year after.  The leaf curl on closer inspection looks a lot like some sort of wee beastie; the leaves are hard to the touch not soft and floppy like a wilted leaf ought to be so I’m hoping for a whole family of ladybirds to move in and scoop them up for lunch – all ladybirds discovered around the premises will be promptly rehomed on the blackcurrant bush.

Space for the Butterflies - the growing garden 16 June

The onions and garlic are doing much what they’ve been doing for the past few weeks, only with a few more weeds; I think I need to get out there the next time it stops raining.

Space for the Butterflies - the growing garden 16 June

Meanwhile the carrots and peas are definitely growing, and the former has been thinned, and my spinach carpet is growing beautifully despite, or perhaps because of, regular additions to the supper table (I love spinach and avocado salad, I could eat it every day).

The purple beans are still on hiatus; I’m sure they are growing, I just can’t see it, so I’ll have to have a little faith and trust in their future.

The parsnips on the other hand are growing and growing and growing.

Space for the Butterflies - the growing garden 16 June

I had a second thin of them today, and when the little roots that I pulled came up smelling like parsnips I knew it was true; we’re actually growing real edible vegetables! I think I might need one more thin before I just leave them to it and it’s certainly a lesson in leaving enough space between all the seeds.  Notes are being taken for next year!


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  • sally 05/07/2016 at 11:32 am

    I think root vegetables are the most exciting! If you have a teeny space for your next thinning, mine have (mostly) seemed to transplant successfully (as have the carrots), I just can never bring myself to discard thinnings! Maybe if you’ve pulled up your onions by then they might squeeze in there?