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Little bits and bobs {handmade}


I almost have a finished quilt. Almost but not quite. The quilting is finished, seek the binding is sewn on, view all I need now is a good audiobook and a whole heap of hours to sew it down and we’ll have a quilt large enough to pitch camp under.

And as most of my crafting time has been spent hauling fabric through my sewing machine when I’ve needed to give my shoulders a bit of a break I’ve been playing with little bits and bobs.

Space for the Butterflies - paper primrose from A Petal Unfolds

I’ve actually lost one of the most favourite things that I made this week. The lovely A Petal Unfolds was at the Blogtacular West Elm Paper Maker Party last Friday showing everyone how to make the sweetest paper primroses. Mine was white with a deep orange centre and I pinned it to my dress on Saturday rather than risk it getting squashed in my bag, only to discover towards the end of the day that all I was wearing was a pin. On the plus side, I do now know how to make them and maybe when the girls are a bit bigger we can load up on crepe paper and floristry wire and make a whole bunch.

That party might turn out to have quite a lot to answer for too – I tried calligraphy for the first time since I was in my early teens and I’m teetering on the edge of falling completely in love with it. Even though all my lines were wobbly and I clearly need practice it was just so very soothing to sit and make pretty writing. And when I finally decided I’d had enough practicing and I wrote “Space for the Butterflies” out on a little postcard it just looked so pretty, and oddly familiar.


It took me a little while and a little checking of the internet to work out what is probably very obvious to you – yes, I wrote my blog banner – no wonder I liked it.

Somewhere in his art stash I know H has some pens and ink, and even though I can’t think of anything I do that really needs calligraphy, I know I’m going to need to get them out and have a little play.

But my final make of the week, and probably the simplest, is truly my favourite, because it’s the one I’m still wearing now. A bracelet to remind me of Blogtacular, and of sitting and chatting with friends while I made it.


It’s just seed beads strung on tigertail, with a little “C” pendant” and a repeating pattern of five blue beads for every orange; simple but very effective, and as I know that I’ve got tigertail and beads in my craft supplies I don’t think it will be too long before the girls’ current deepest wishes come true and I make them bracelets to match.