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All worded out


It feels so strange to me to step away from my cosy little corner of the internet, even for a little while. I think it was back in August since I last went more than a day without posting and to be honest it’s vaguely uncomfortable, a nagging sort of feeling like having your socks on inside out, you still have warm feet but it’s somehow just different.

And it’s funny too because I have so many things I want to write about. I can sit at work and be crowded with all the craft projects I did with the girls that I want to tell you about, the big ideas that have been circling the back of my mind just waiting for me to grab at them, and the silly little moments of motherhood that I try to record. I miss telling stories, I miss the connection with people I may never have met but cherish nonetheless, I miss reading everyone else’s posts too.

But when I sit down at the end of the day the words are gone and all that’s left in my mind is a big barren emptyness under a scorching blue sky.

Work, of the sort that pays bills, has got busy. Properly seriously late nights, early mornings and a couple of joining the dots between the two all ramping up and up and up. We’re a tiger coiled to spring, and spring we shall. It’s hard work but it’s the work I want to be known for so I’m trying to embrace it and ride the wave out.


And I think that might be where all the words have gone, washed away on a tide of professional jargon and poured into work.

They and I will be back before we know it, it’s always darkest before the dawn after all but in the meantime I’ll be the one in the corner falling asleep over her knitting. See you soon.