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A little fresh paint and a blog makeover


Last night I sat back, took a deep breath, and pressed “Save & Activate”. And as you’ll have noticed, even on a phone, things look a little different around here this morning.

In a couple of weeks it will be ten years since I started blogging, ten years of high days, holidays, and a lot of very special and very ordinary everyday moments.  In that time I’ve had two names and exactly two blog designs. Jumping around and following every little trend is clearly not my thing. I’d claim I was taking the high ground against being a follower of fashion but truth be told I don’t think I could keep up if I tried.  Over the years I’ve learnt how to do so much and I’ve tweaked code and watched YouTube videos until I could work out how to get things exactly as I wanted them, but over the summer I spent an entire afternoon playing around with the back office bits and bobs and trying to work out what to do next.  And at the end of the afternoon I realised that what I really needed was a makeover.

*Cue early-90’s American High School movie montage music*

Except that unlike movie makeovers which take about thirty seconds, real life takes just that little bit longer.  If I was going to have a completely new look it had to be absolutely perfect; just the right colours, a font that I love and is easy to read, the sidebar just so, and all the tech and whiz trickery I’ve admired on other people’s sites.  It’s amazing how long you can spend deliberating on one particular shade of blue versus another, I know for certain I choose paint colours for my house a lot more quickly.


And for my oh so beautiful banner I got a little help from the incredibly talented Ellie Illustrates.  It felt incredibly decadent sending an email asking her to design something for me but I’d got as far as I could go with my skills and it was time to bring in someone who knew what she was doing. And oh am I glad I did.  This is the banner that I could visualise in my head brought to life; colourful butterflies for all the things that bring me joy and a little nod to my wedding flowers which inspired the name.  And if you’ve been reading here a really long time, or you know my quilt collection in real life, you might just recognise a small cameo by my silk quilt (which is also the only quilt I’ve ever hand quilted so it’s even technically accurate!)

The header and logo for Space for the Butterflies has been the same for five years so when I first started building up all the changes it looked really strange and unfamiliar, a bit like that stage at the hairdressers when you’re halfway through a cut and your hair’s still went and you look at yourself in the mirror and wonder why it was that you thought you needed to have a haircut. But the more I looked, the more I loved. I’m sure there are things that I’ll tweak as we go along and if you spot anything that’s clearly gone awry let me know.  I’ve still got one page open on my desktop under the old set up. I’ve taken a screenshot of it, just for posterity, and it served me well, but to every thing there is a season.

Between writing and taking photos and connecting with friends and trying to take pictures of my supper for Instagram without being able to see the Duplo in the background or the paint spots on the tablecloth, Space for the Butterflies is part of my everyday ordinary, and a much beloved and treasured part at that.  There are a million and one big reasons why I blog, but for today I wanted to celebrate the everyday pleasure I get; the routine that sees me pull out my iPad on a 7am train to work to start writing, or herald the family out of doors at short notice because it’s finally stopped raining for the first time in what feels like weeks and I want to take their pictures.

Even when I don’t have a post to publish I don’t think a day goes past without my doing something related to the blog, and now I have all this beautiful new clean freshly painted space in which to do it. And that’s definitely worth celebrating!

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