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Three Crowns for Christmas {handmade for Kitty, Elma and Pip}


As is often the way with these things, I had grand plans for Kitty, Elma and Pip’s handmade Christmas presents.  But as the days rattled past and we drew ever deeper into December the yarn for Kitty’s cardigan stayed skeined and for Pip’s jumper sat in neat tidy balls, and the plans for Elma stayed simply in the planning stage.  It was clear that some drastic rethinking of the plan was needed.

It was Kitty herself who gave me the idea.  She was talking about going to visit Father Christmas and what she’d ask him for for Christmas; dressing up shoes, a microphone and an Elsa crown.  Well the first two weren’t going to happen; her feet grow faster than I can keep up with in school shoes, let alone dressing up shoes and a microphone is the very last thing this house needs, but a crown? A nice stretchy knitted crown that would stay on her head, not dig in, and could even be used to hold a playsilk in place for the full medieval princess look.  Now that I could do.

And there in the stash lay the very yarn for the project; a little skein of 50g of my hand spun Florida Tidepools; proper Elsa colours with teal and turquoise and pale green and even a bit of angelina in the mix for some added sparkle.  It was too little to use for more than an accent in any major project and so it had been sitting in the stash for years just waiting for its moment of glory. And this was it.




The pattern is the Elegant Knit Crown by Kathryn Andrews and it’s the perfect knit for emergency Christmas (or Birthday) knitting.  I started on the smaller size but with my slightly thinner yarn and using 4mm needles not 4.5mm it looked a bit too small so I pulled it all out and started again.  Even so, two evenings’ work and I had a beautiful sparkly crown blocking on the ironing board, discretely covered by a tea towel to hide it from curious eyes, and more importantly than that, I had the pattern memorised.

The next two crowns, first for Elma and then for Pip, flew off the needles.



They’re both knit in the smaller size, still on the 4mm needles, Elma’s from the end of a ball of handspan that once made Kitty a hat and Pip’s from the end of the yarn that made Elma her very first newborn baby surprise jacket.  This is a brilliant project for using up the tale end of a beautiful ball of yarn.




The crowns do need wet blocking after you finish the knitting, just to make the points all pointy and everything unfurled and crisp like a crown ought to be, but they were a quick enough knit that they were all blocked and dried and wrapped on Christmas Eve, ready to be tucked up in the tree.

And once we were back from church and all set for a round of presents it was to these squishy little parcels that the girls made a beeline.  They’d seen me knitting in the previous days and wondered what it was but I’d always said I was just knitting, which I’m pretty sure they know translates into something for them.  I’m happy to report that (a) they fit, and (b) the girls love them.  Pip is fairly ambivalent about being a prince, although I did find it was quite a useful extra ear warmer when we were out on a windy day; a multipurpose crown if ever there was one.


And with that we wrap up the Christmas knitting, of sorts anyway.  H’s Christmas present (four skeins of sock yarn and the label “some assembly required”) is well under way, but I’m pretty sure it’s not Christmas knitting if you never had any intention of casting on until after the big day. Epiphany Knitting perhaps, or maybe even Easter?!

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