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1/52 {The 2016 Portraits}


And so we start again. Or at least I do anyway. Having hosted The 52 Project for many years Jodi decided that it had run its course with her but I so loved taking a weekly portrait of the children last year that I couldn’t resist starting again and I have high hope and know of at least one other Mama doing the same so I really hope that the community that build up around the project will find a way to find each other again and we can all continue to enjoy each other’s gorgeous pictures.  For now though it’s just me – well and these three:


Kitty: a sneak peek at someone’s Mama-made Christmas present, but I love this photo because it sums you up perfectly at the moment; Elsa dress, crown (very important), messy hair from running around a mile a minute and your gorgeous happy and now slightly gappy smile.


Elma: What Kitty can do, you can do.  At least in your head anyway.  There’s just one tiny problem to that plan in real life and that’s that you only come up to her shoulders.  She’s taller, faster and stronger and I suspect that the first at least will always be the case.  It means she can reach up and climb on trees with ease where you stand around until either someone gives you a lift up, or says the dreaded words “if you can do it, you can do it”.  But this week when we took your Grandpa for some scooting and fresh air you didn’t want to wait to be lifted up again and you set to figuring out climbing.  You were so incredibly proud of yourself to make it up onto that tree trunk, clever girl.


Pip: Last year I started this project with a baby who could just about lie on his tummy and lift his head up off the bed and now look at you! Not an inch of baby left, your walking has exploded in the last couple of weeks and you’re now walking almost all the time, including when we’re out and about at the park. You were absolutely determined that every step should be yours and you wanted in on anything your sisters were doing, including feeding some rather reluctant geese!

As with last year I’m going to keep recording my camera settings for each picture – I just forgot to write them down – oops!