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Levelling up


It feels like just yesterday that we spent a rainy afternoon at the park with Kitty’s godfather, helping her get to grips with her wonderfully pink and new and shiny birthday present scooter.  Three years later that scooter has covered some serious miles, propelled by both girls, but it was only as Kitty flew down the slope in front of Kensington Palace, on a scooter borrowed from the Royal Garden Hotel, tried a little braking, and abandoned the effort in favour of leaping off and running towards me that I realised that perhaps, just perhaps, she’d out grown Minnie and Daisy and it was time to look at the next size up.

Kitty, hanging over my shoulder as I flicked through pictures of all sorts of scooters, was absolutely adamant that she wanted one with only two wheels.  She’s never had one with two wheels before though, her Minnie and Daisy scooter is three (two at the front) and everything I’ve ever seen her on in a shop was the same, but she insisted she could balance on two wheels and that’s what she wanted.  So we slept on it and showed her the pictures again, and again, and by this point she must have been getting really fed up with us because she was consistent across the board.  She wanted a two wheeled scooter, preferably in pink. So we took a leap of faith in her self confidence, and said yes.

Yesterday we drove to the bank to withdraw some of her birthday money and then to John Lewis to make her first big “I saved up for it” purchase.

We made it to the toy department and there on the shelf lay a pile of Sprite scooters, neatly boxed up, and every one of them black.  We asked but apparently colours only come online and I told Kitty that we could order a pink one straightaway and pick it up from the Waitrose in the next town over in a couple of days and it would be here before she knew it.  And she looked at me and with utter seriousness said “I changed my mind, I want the black one.”

What do you do? I was fairly certain that this sudden shift to black was all about coming home with a scooter right then and there, the not wanting to let go of a dream that had frankly been a long time coming. But would she suddenly realise in a few hours or the next day that it was never going to magically become pink, that this was her scooter for ages and ages? And would she always mind that it was black and wish I’d made her wait?

I think there are times in life that can be used as lessons in patience, in learning to be really clear about what it is that you want and having the courage to wait for it, but I also remember being this small, I remember how it feels to have been waiting for what feels like half your lifetime, and how crushed I would have been to go all the way on a special scooter buying expedition, all for nothing. And so I looked into Kitty’s determined face, her expression an exact replica of her father at his most decisive, and took the second leap of faith.

Space for the Butterflies - Micro Scooter Sprite - The Ordinary Moments - Living Arrows

I did hedge my bets a little bit; we found the pinkest of shiny pink scooter helmets, a pretty pink scooter band with a rainbow on it and a little bag that will eventually attach to the front (when I take it back to John Lewis and swap it for one that actually still has the attachment bracket with it) and I think that in the long run it’s actually going to be the choice with the most longevity.  When she’s twelve and pink is just not cool any more, all it will take is a little redressing of the accessories and she’ll still have a great scooter – at least that’s the theory I’m clinging too!

Space for the Butterflies - Micro Scooter Sprite - The Ordinary Moments - Living Arrows

We dashed back home to pick up Kitty’s hand-me-down, now Elma’s dearest possession (at least until after her birthday in a couple of weeks) and then set out in the very dregs of the daylight and the pouring rain, because what’s the fun of having a new scooter that can go really really fast if you can only use it the length of the lounge.Space for the Butterflies - Micro Scooter Sprite - The Ordinary Moments - Living Arrows

One circuit of the park (about a mile) was enough to allay all my fears about Kit on two wheels; she’s got much better balance than I have and she loves zooming around – closely followed by her sister who, it turns out, is something of the speed demon herself now that she’s on a scooter that’s a much better fit.  For once I was striding out after both of them and it was lovely to feel the roses come up in my cheeks.

Space for the Butterflies - Micro Scooter Sprite - The Ordinary Moments - Living Arrows

And in honour of Kicksy II’s arrival into our family, it seemed only right to record a little snippet of our day, and of Kitty’s first scooting on two wheels.

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