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Monstrous Consequences (and other crafty things to do for Halloween)


Space for the Butterflies - Halloween crafts for kids

How would you go about coming up with the most monstrous monster you could ever imagine?  That’s been our Try-It Tribe Challenge this month and to make sure we came up with something both ghoulish and ghastly I’ve reinvented a game I used to play with my Grannie when I was a little girl.

The original is Consequences, we used to spend hours and hours playing the written version but it’s the drawing version that I remember playing first.  In essence you play to make a composite person taking it in turns to draw each part.

Grannie could draw beautifully so our people would have a beautiful head, a big plump round circle of a body, skinny legs down to nobbly knees (she liked drawing nobbly knees) and then club feet of different sizes.  Come to think of it, they were probably quite monstrous creations without any planning.

To play this time we took four pieces of A4, one each for Kitty, Elma, H and me, folded them in half and in half again and then opened them again.  The fold lines mark where each stage of the drawing should stop.

For the first section we each drew a head and then folded the top down, leaving just the two lines of the neck peeking out from underneath the folds and passed it on.  Stage two was to draw the shoulders, the body and the arms, but not the hands, and this time when we folded down we left the waist and any number of wrists showing.

When we swapped again we each drew the bottom and the legs (lots of legs) down to the knees, and finished off with some amazing feet.

And then when they were all rolled up we picked one each, unravelled them and then presented them to the rest of us, complete with names.

Let me introduce you to:


Space for the Butterflies - Halloween crafts for kids


Space for the Butterflies - Halloween crafts for kids


Space for the Butterflies - Halloween crafts for kids


Space for the Butterflies - Halloween crafts for kids

… Grandad!

And when we’d recovered from Elma’s monster naming choices, we were still feeling a little Halloween-ish so a quick scout around the house later and we had everything you could possibly need to make that old Blue Peter classic of our childhoods:

Loo roll bats.

Space for the Butterflies - Halloween crafts for kids

Push the two sides at the top down into the middle to form the two peaks for ears, glue them together, paint it whatever colour you like, cut and draw some wings and glue them on.  A perfect Sunday afternoon sort of craft.

Space for the Butterflies - Halloween crafts for kids

And while they could be spooky black bats, ours are purple. Mine does have some very bat like orange wings and a cheeky grin, but Kitty’s (made entirely by her own fair hand with no help from Mama whatsoever) is really quite properly scary.  Or at least I wouldn’t want to come up against it on a dark night.  She on the other hand thinks it’s cute!

Space for the Butterflies - Halloween crafts for kids

Which all goes to show that anything can be a monster if you put your mind to it.  And if you do have any good ideas, this month’s Staedtler #MonthlyMake challenge is all about spooky monsters. Upload a picture to their Facebook page before 12pm on Thursday 22 October, the first ten entries win a prize and there’s a chance to win lots of lovely Staedtler goodies.

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  • Preeta Samarasan 14/10/2015 at 10:18 am

    What a coincidence — I was just on the phone with my mum and she was reminding me of this activity, which she used to do with me when I was wee (though it wasn’t monster-themed :-)). Definitely planning to do this today with my girls!

  • Brandi 14/10/2015 at 1:18 pm

    This looks like lots of fun! Planning to try it too!