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Spooky fun for half term and Halloween


To celebrate the start of half term we went hunting for a ginormous pumpkin to carve over the weekend (and found one at Wasperton farm for anyone vaguely nearby). Halloween is nearly here, and while it’s amazing how much more of a fuss is made over it than when we were little, and I’m very much into the cute babies in costumes and cake side of things than anything truly scary or supernatural, I am completely in favour of anything that gives us a good excuse for the kids to dress up and have a feast, especially if it involves cake.
Kitty and Elma took Grandpa on the National Trust Pumpkin Trail at Charlecote on Sunday (a much harder one to solve than last year, possibly because they aren’t real words, but a witchy phrase), I’ve taken Friday off work just to do crafts in every colour of orange and black with the girls, and I’m really looking forward to a chance to lighten the darkness now Autumn is truly here.

So here’s what we have planned:

  • Decorate!  H and I have gradually been adding to a little stash of Halloween bits and pieces over the last few weeks.  We’ve got the pumpkins to carve, orange and black streamers, orange and black stripy straws, chocolate popping candy spiders (from M&S), marshmallows dipped in green sprinkles and even some American candy corn (I’ve no idea what it tastes like but it looks pretty).  I think I know where the Ghostly Bunting ended up too, but we might just spend a little time updating it and adding Pip’s footprints. I really want to make these glow in the dark balloons too; it’s just a glow stick inside a white balloon with a face drawn on but would be so much fun to hang outside. Space for the Butterflies - How to make Ghostlie Bunting - tutorial - Halloween, Ghosts, Footprints, Crafts for Toddlers
  • A feast! The current menu is Roast Butternut Squash and Bacon soup (because it’s orange), Spaghetti Meatballs (Eyeballs and Innerds) and then molten chocolate puddings.  The girls will need no persuasion to dress up, Pip should fit the glowing skeleton shirt worn by both his sisters before him, H does technically have a penguin onesie and if push comes to show I’ll borrow a set of wings from the girls and be a fairy. I’d love to make a giant net tutu but I’ll have to see whether I get enough time.Space for the Butterflies - Halloween crafts for kids
  • Making things! Our bats are currently hanging out in the corner of our lounge ready to be dangled from the light fitting over our dinner table, and the girls have plans for ghosts, lots of paper folded pumpkins and vast amounts of glitter. Jess has an great round up of eight of her top Halloween crafty plans, some of which are seriously scary, and I think the girls are very keen on her masking tape ghost necklaces.
  • Set up for trick or treating.  Most of our trick or treaters go to Kitty’s school, we don’t get too many older kids and we’ve always blown our pumpkin out fairly early because of small people’s bedtime.  Historically I’ve asked everyone for a joke in exchange for their treats, but this year I’m wondering whether to make it a bit harder; you can have a treat if you can pick it up with chopsticks? Have you ever done something like that, and if so, how did it go?
  • Bake! It wouldn’t be Halloween without Magic Star Smiley Spider Cupcakes but I’m also very very tempted by these Spider Cookies using peanut butter cups – they look so cute!
  • Silly games! Becky’s Ghost Bowling is hilarious and would be so much fun down our hall.

It’s going to be so much fun, I can’t wait! So what do you have planned?