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Handmade Quilting Work in Progress

Nearer to being Finished on a Friday


I have a mathematical conundrum for you and I promise it’s easier than the one about the crocodile and the river from Scottish Highers. These question is, if I keep either following or linking up to Crazy Mom Quilts‘ Finish it up Friday, how many weeks will it be before the number of quilts pinned to my “I’d like to make that” board exceeds the possibility of my ever making all of them even if we assume (a) unlimited stash and (b) that my crafting time will increase exponentially as my children get older.

Hint: not much longer I suspect.

But other than a Pinterest board that’s bursting at the seams, and being in complete awe at how quickly some people can turn out quilts, the other side effect of hopping from quilt to beautiful quilt is that it inspires me to keep pressing on with my fishing net quilt, even if my progress is oh so very much slower.Space for the Butterflies - fishing net quilt

I have at long last finished sewing half of the blue right angled triangles to my centre fishy triangles and this week’s big task has been to chop up all the chain piecing and press the seams out.  It doesn’t sound like a lot I know, but we are talking 219 base triangles so that’s a fair amount of ironing.

With a big project like this I try to make myself finish one stage completely before I move onto the next, otherwise I’d run the risk of ending up with half a finished quilt and the other half still a pile of triangles here there and everywhere, but I did indulge myself and make one finished block.

Space for the Butterflies - fishing net quilt

It means that I can finally start to really see how it’s going to look when it all comes together, up until now I’ve played around with the triangles and imagined it in my head but it’s just not quite the same as when there are actual seams involved.

Space for the Butterflies - fishing net quilt

The next step will be to complete the rest of the blocks.  I’m using two colours of Kona solids as the blues (if you squint at the block above you can just about see that they’re different, it’s a stronger contrast in real life) but without any particular pattern in mind.  It isn’t an even split, I’ve got a lot more of the lighter blue than the dark and rather than mapping out what I want where, I’m just picking up the next triangle and sewing it.  I should end up with some dark-dark, some dark-light, and a lot of light-light which (fingers crossed) is going to give a sort of ripple effect when you look at the net.

And then it will just be a case of putting all the blocks together. Just!!

I am starting to think ahead to that far off day though and wonder about borders.  Because there’s very little in terms of intricate piecing in this quilt so I think to run it from edge to edge might be a bit too simple, it might need one or even two borders frame it, and maybe give me somewhere to free motion quilt some fish, what do you think?

I promise I haven’t forgotten my other projects either, the super top secret knitting is finished, washed, blocked and just waiting for the moment when we discover whether it needs flowery buttons or less flowery buttons and as for my Dresden Plate, I finally realised what must have been blindingly obvious to everyone else last week, namely that I’d lost a piece down a pile of books at the back of the dresser (that there was a bit missing being the obvious bit, not its location at that time which was far from obvious!) and I have now completed the circle.

Space for the Butterflies - Cath Kinston Dresden Plate

It still isn’t a cushion yet but we’re getting there!

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