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37/52 {The 52 Project}


Linking up with Jodi with a portrait of each of my children once every week for 2015.

Space for the Butterflies - the 52 Project

Kitty:  To see you reach the end of your very first week of school and still be giving me over the top cheesy smiles like this is both lovely and quite a big relief.  You’ve been tired at the end of each day, even on short days, but every morning you’ve been chomping at the bit to run up the hill to school. Long may it continue.

(Nikon D80, 35mm 1.8 lens – 1/100, f/5, ISO 160)

Space for the Butterflies - the 52 Project

Elma: you spent an afternoon in the studio with your Daddy painting away and the next morning you pulled me in and sat me down while you talked me through your masterpiece.  You were just so proud of your picture, it’s awesome.

(Nikon D80, 35mm 1.8 lens – 1/100, f/2.5 , ISO 500)

Space for the Butterflies - the 52 Project

Pip: We all went out for ice cream to celebrate the end of Kitty’s first week of school, and try as we might to placate you with the wafer from the top of my Black Forest Sundae nothing would do but my spoon and a little smidgen for yourself.

(Nikon D80, 35mm 1.8 lens – 1/100, f/2, ISO 200)


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  • LauraCYMFT 12/09/2015 at 3:26 pm

    Lovely photos. Great to read that Kitty is still smiling after a day at school. It’s amazing how it tires them out!

    • Carie 12/09/2015 at 8:51 pm

      Isn’t it just – she’s only been doing half days so far – next week she’ll be asleep in her dinner!

  • Yanic 13/09/2015 at 11:35 am

    What great pictures… So happy to see Kitty thriving. We have a little miss that is in the exact same boat. Elma’s picture is definitely something to be proud of and Go Pip! That is masterful spoon abilities.

    Wishing you a wonderful week ahead. xo

    • Carie 14/09/2015 at 11:16 pm

      Thank you and you too 🙂

  • Kim 13/09/2015 at 8:01 pm

    Gorgeous photos Carie. So happy to hear the transition to school has gone well. That capture of Elma is precious, and Pip, you have the right idea, who wants a wafer when you can have ice cream 🙂

    Have a great week Carie.

    • Carie 14/09/2015 at 10:58 pm

      And you too – it’s definitely a time of change but so far so good!

  • sally 27/09/2015 at 12:08 am

    Great that Kitty is taking it all in her stride, and I love Elma’s picture as she admires her work, that one has to be my favourite, even though Pip’s expression, as ever, is brilliant!

    • Carie 27/09/2015 at 3:10 pm

      thank you – I’m really enjoying this project for capturing bits of their personalities beyond just a happy smiley face, though there are lots of those too!