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Why I’m not going to work today


As soon as I’d recovered from the shock of my MADs nomination, there was one thought that crossed my mind like a rippling giggle: I’m going to have to ask for a day off on my second day back at work.

It’s true; I went back to work yesterday and today I’m taking a holiday day.  I know I could have just stayed off until Monday but I like to go in at the end of the week and spend a day deleting emails, setting my desk up again, catching up with everyone and phoning my clients to tell them I’m back, a sort of “doesn’t really count” day so that I can hit the ground running on Monday.

And having done that I can now happily shelve all thoughts of work at least for a smidgen longer.

Because tonight is the night, the night when I get to spend an evening with some amazingly talented people, many of whom I count as dear friends.  I get to have a supper that I haven’t cooked, eat it without anyone spilling anything, covering me with sticky handprints or needing the one thing I haven’t brought through from the kitchen, I’ll have had my makeup done, which I’ve never had done in my life so I’m quite excited about, and wear a pretty dress, and can you tell I don’t get out much?!

My category has some seriously stiff competition, and much as I would love love love to win, I’m realistic about my chances and I’m expecting nothing more than to spend the evening toasting some inspiring winners.  If you haven’t already come across them do go and say hi to my co-finalists at Edspire, My Kid Doesn’t Poop Rainbows, The Dad Network, The Unmumsy Mum, and of course my wonderful Siblings cohost Amber at Goblin Child

But I do want to say a massive thank you to you all.  Thank you for voting for me. Thank you for making me a MADs Finalist. For once (and only once!) I’m a little at lost for words to describe just how it feels to have that moral boost, that vote of support from a community filled with talented people.  Suffice to say it means the world to me.

And now if you happen to be going, either as a finalist or as a plus one, please please come and say hello.  When I went to Blogtacular earlier this year I told a few friends to look out for me as the tall girl in bright orange sandals.  It turns out that among bloggers, being tall and having orange Saltwaters is not as distinguishing a feature as you might hope so I’m going to try again.  Tonight I’m going to be the really really tall girl (I have some awesome heels that make me about 6’4″ !) in a cream dress with purple and green flowers. Assuming I don’t decide at the last minute that it’s just not dressy enough and run out and buy something in floor to ceiling sequins of course!

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