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Embroidery Family Finished Handmade Knitting Work in Progress

Stardust {handmade in a tent}


I knit most of my way around Europe.  I’m lucky that because I can knit fairly simple projects without having to look at the needles it doesn’t make me either car sick or miss out on the world flying past the windows and so most of my craft storage space more commonly known as the passenger footwell was filled with yarny projects, with small and appropriate spots left for my feet.

One of the projects you’ve already seen modelled by the birthday boy and the other is still a knit in progress and destined for a certain somone’s fifth birthday.  It’s not a secret knit, she came to choose the yarn (Malabrigo Rios in Purpuras) and had some very decided views on the pattern (more on which another time) so I wasn’t trying to knit inside a pillowcase or only late late at night when the girls had fallen asleep.  I think if I tried to knit a completely secret present it would stand a nearly 100% chance of not being finished on time.

I’m on the first sleeve now so I’m in with a good shout of the finish line.

But when I was doing my craft packing I wanted to mix it up a little, to have something in hand for the days when it might just be too hot, too sticky, or too muddy to drape yourself in thick squishy wool.  I thought about a little hand piecing, or another mini quilt, or something to play with the piles of felt that the girls gave me for my birthday, but by this point it was nearing midnight on the night before we left and so I turned once more to my seemingly inexhaustable supply of Mollie Makes cover kits.  And there near the top was the kit from issue 53.

What could be more perfect than sitting under the stars stitching an embroidery of the night sky. Into the bag it went.

Space for the Butterflies

The thing I forgot about the night skies is that when you’re camping, they’re dark.  Some are darker than others, depending on whether the campsite has lighting and whether that light is a distant glimmer (Annecy) or your second moon (Merville-Franceville until 11pm when it was abruptly turned off) but when the sun had smouldered over the horizon it really wasn’t the time for embroidery.

And so I knit and watched the night sky.  Watched star after star after star appear from the deep, watched the plough chart a steady course across the sky as the earth twirled beneath it, watched for meteors and saw mostly aeroplanes and once something that I thought was an aeroplane holding oddly steady in the sky but turned out to be a village half way up a mountain.

Space for the Butterflies

And in the quiet of the early morning I stitched.  It should come as no surprise that I chose the pattern to reflect what we were seeing, though the other two are beautiful (and might have to be added to the collection at some point).

Back home this last week I finally finished it off.  We used to use rubber faux wood roll frames for mini cross stitches and Christmas tree decorations when I was little and we always finished those off but slicing away the fabric as close to the frame as possible, but this is much cleverer;


Space for the Butterflies

I cut away the corners of my blue square, then sliced them into strips and then used a liberal application of fabric glue to frame and fabric to pull them over and stick them to the back.  It’s given it a really neat finish and I shall use it again when I’m framing in a hoop.

And now I just need to find a good spot to hang it.  Kitty made the first claim, and I’m seriously considering putting in a row of hooks just above her headboard to show off all her latest treasures and curios, so it could go there.  But then Elma declared undying love for it and actually, it might go rather nicely in Pip’s room so at the moment it’s travelling.

Space for the Butterflies

Either I’ll decide where it goes, or I’ll be making a couple more!

PS. If you are making the kit, the “everything you need” on the front of the packet should read “everything you need except for the carbon tracing paper you need for the first step”. Carbon tracing paper not being widely available in French campsites I just copy sketched it freehand with a blue ink pen and it was absolutely fine.

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