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Pip Squeak at Dawn


Well sometimes it’s dawn, and sometimes it’s just a bit earlier in the day! Ever since H stopped work and we stopped having to evict ourselves from bed by way of a series of alarm clocks and automatically turning on radio stations the girls have started to sleep a little later in in the mornings.  We’re talking 7.30 rather than 6am so it’s not the lie ins of our pre babies days but you joyfully take what you can get don’t you.


But Pip is the exception to that rule.  Our wee boy has stuck most determinedly to the early starts, sometimes waking up even earlier just to make sure.  He’s usually in bed beside me at this point so when he’s awake, so am I.  That or he prods me with pudgy hot little fingers and then giggles when I wake up.20150715-DSC_0107

We go downstairs and leave the others sleeping and for a couple of hours it’s just the two of us.  Sometimes we do the washing up or start to make breakfast but most of the time we just play. Silly games with play silks, marching Pip’s wooden animals across the floor, reading stories or his absolute favourite “this is the way the lady rides”.


(“what do you mean I can’t have the camera – I want to eat it!”)

And while part of my would quite like a bit more sleep occasionally, I’m happy enough to trade it for a little one on one time with my boy.  Even with H at home I’m still Pip’s number one parent, mostly because he gets very cross at everyone else and so sometimes it feels like I have spent all of my time dedicated to Pip’s needs but yet had very little time actually with him, because it’s always been a balancing act, trying to be present for his sisters too.20150715-DSC_0105

So real only one child time is something prescious, and even more so because there will be less chance of such stolen moments when I’m back at work.

And I also wondered whether it might be a developmental stage, at least among second and third children.  Because I had a feeling I’d written something a bit like this before, but for Elma.  And sure enough, I’d posted this in November 2013, when she was almost exactly the same age Pip is now.


But whatever the answer, and as long as we don’t too often start in hours that being with a five which frankly are far too early to be counted morning (we shall gloss over the recent 3.45 starts on the basis that a certain someone was a bit under the weather but ouch), I’m not going to mind a little extra playing time with my baby before he turns into a little boy under my very nose.