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Me and Mine 2015: June



Happy Me and Mine Day! It’s the end of the month so surely it should be time for another picture of my family in our garden?  I seriously considered making it the theme for this year, and with my newfound gardening obsession I can see an appeal in tracking my garden across a year as well as the family, but we like variety and so this month we’ve really switched it up with pictures of the family, in a garden.  Just not my garden.


I haven’t actually told you all about our adventures at the Eden Project, that postcard will arrive tomorrow, but it was absolutely wonderful, and everything I’d hoped it would be.

And as we had my Dad with us on holiday it was easy enough to hand over the camera for a few pictures with someone actually looking through the lens, rather than our usual hit and miss work with the remote trigger.

These pictures were taken on the tree top walk at the very very top edge of the Humid Tropics Biome.  If the name doesn’t give it away, it’s a rainforest. And it’s hot.  Very hot.  Which might explain why the children are all up in our arms or perched on H’s back.  They were hot and tired and tired anyway from three days of excitements and being away from home.  Kitty was curled into H, Elma I think was trying to snooze and was utterly determined that she was not going to look at the camera and it’s only my little Pip Squeak reaching out towards his Grandpa, possibly because he hopes that Grandpa will free him from the sling and let him out to prod and explore all of these exciting new shapes and smells.

And even though you can’t quite see everyone and the children are sleepy or just plain bemused, I love them for being I suppose semi-candid, and very much a snapshot of our family as it is right now.  We’ve got a great double buggy but when you add luggage for a family of five to the boot of our car, the buggy isn’t going to fit so so often we go out and about with slings, Pip in the Close and Elma, or even Kitty in the Ergo when they’re tired and want a ride. I have so many pictures of H wearing Elma with Kitty sat on his shoulders, knowing that Pip was snuggled up on my front grabbing at the camera strap while I took it, usually with both of us ankle deep in mud as we try to install a spirit of adventure in our little three!

It just seems a very fitting portrait of our little family, in June.



But I can’t go without showing you a couple of outtakes.  These were horribly over exposed because I forgot to alter my settings or shove the camera into auto before I handed it over but I’ve done my best to pull them back from the brink because they are truly wonderful photos.  Not for the composition, or the sharpness, and very clearly not for the exposure, simply because facing forwards we had absolutely no idea what Little Miss Kitty was doing with her face …!




A cheekier monkey you never did see!

dear beautiful