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Thrift by sunset



I still have that master plan to take Kitty on a photo walk but with birthday parties and ballet class and this and that it hasn’t happened yet. But the other evening, while we were on holiday with Dad, he and I headed out after supper, ostensibly for a nice stroll to help Pip settle down to sleep while H wrangled the girls into bed, but laden with cameras and in search of the sunset all the same. 

 We walked and chatted and watched the sun sink lower and lower and tried not to get blown over when we turned the corner of the headland and met the full force of the wind. I’m used to some fairly impressive gales from growing up on the south coast but this was fierce and wonderful, to the point that I had to start upping my shutter speed to compensate for wind wobble. 



image    image

It was lovely to spend time with Dad, just him and me without lovely adored little voices chiming in with “Grandpa…!” and it was just as much fun to be with someone who thinks nothing of pausing every few feet to try to capture the way the sun lit up the flinty shale of the path and turned it into silver, or who comes to join you when you’ve plopped down behind the most perfect patch of thrift because there’s nothing more quintessentially West Country than thrift waving in the breeze and the sea behind.




And as the sun finally touched the horizon we stood at the top of the hill watching it sink sink sink and wondering why we hadn’t done what everyone else had and come in the car with the fish and chips.

Last year at Putsborough we saw the elusive green flash clear as day but this time there was nothing more than a silver ripple sideways as the sun slipped from our sight but continued to dance across the waves way way out to sea.

All these photos are from my phone, I have oodles and oodles to go through on the big camera but I wanted to capture this moment while it’s still so fresh in my mind, and not just the stunning views but the companionship too.  The photography gene runs through Dad’s family all the way from my Great-Grandpa who was a professional photographer as well as a postman, through my Grannie and Great Aunts all the way down, well, to Kitty, and to spend time pursuing shared passions of pictures and the big wide outdoors was a great way to walk off our supper.