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Elma Family Kitty Living Arrows

Living Arrows 2015: 6/52


This week we’ve had a little sorting out of the craft cupboard.  I’m sad to say that from its original lofty goals of containing an age appropriate box for each girl to dip in and out of at whim our craft cupboard had degenerated into a bit of a dumping ground for anything vaguely crafty and anything else that needed a home in one of those moments of hurried tidying before the inlaws arrive.  So we pulled it all out and covered the floor in a carpet of mismatched googly eyes, fluffy pompoms, bits of lego and stray pencil crayons before it all got organised, heavily decluttered and repacked in the cupboard.  It’s going to be a lot easier to find our bits and bobs when we next want to do a project.

The coloured pencils had all been sat in a giant tub that Elma almost always tipped out all over the floor looking for another pink, and there were wax crayons and rubber stamps and felt tips with no lids on mixed in as well. It just wasn’t working so six jam jars and some washi tape later we have some extraordinarily organised crayons.  Space for the Butterflies - an eclectic handmade family life

They all look so lovely lined up together.  There are a good collection of pink and purple chosen by Kitty and Elma (every time we go to an art shop we let the girls choose a new crayon each, and their deliberations give H all the time he needs to have a good look around); twisty crayolas that come from a trip away somewhere; crayons that have almost certainly been pinched out of H’s studio at some point but have now been firmly claimed by the girls; a handful of some crayons that I think must have been in my Christmas stocking when I was tiny because they have my full name printed on the sides in little gold capital letters; and an even smaller collection of stubs, all that remains of a packet of 32 Faber Castell crayons I was given one year when I was a little bit bigger.   I remember those birthday crayons so clearly (and clearly used them  a lot hence the stubs), they were in a slide card packet and had all sorts of gorgeous subtle shades.  I never lost one either because my Mum had carefully written my initials on a tiny sticker and sellotaped it to the end of each crayon.

So many gorgeous colours, they make me want to find something to draw on, and it’s had the same effect on Kitty and Elma; in the few days since we simplified our cupboard they’ve done so much drawing and colouring which is exactly what I’d hoped for.  We’ve got pictures of houses with fish outside the front door from Kitty, several pages covered with her name, and lots of big green scribbles from Elma.

Space for the Butterflies - an eclectic handmade family life

But no one’s done a rainbow yet – that can be the plan for tomorrow.