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Living Arrow 2015: 3/15


It started life as Sofia’s amulet. Or at least the home made version; a nice blob of sparkly purple fimo shaped into a sort of amulet, baked, and covered in stick on twinkles, a length of silver elastic and the contents of a very pink and purple teddy bear necklace kit that Kitty had spent one afternoon laborious stringing up.  I knotted it as firmly as I could and for many months it was a staple part of our dressing up box, providing all sorts of magical powers and a good solid weight around the neck in the style of all of the best statement necklaces.

But then the knot came undone as even the best knots are wont to do when made out of very slippery elastic cord and the necklace turned into a little pile of beads in the corner of the dressing up box.  Kitty rescued them and even had a few goes at restringing them, but she could never quite decide how she wanted them and no sooner had she finished one variation than she’d pull it all out to start again.  And so they sat; a little pile of pink and purple moved from room to room but never quite restored to former glory.

I’m sure that somewhere along the way a fair few of them have joined the ranks of tiny bits of Lego and teeny Sylvanian Families accoutrements and gone to the great small plastic storage receptacle in the sky by way of the hoover, but when they started regularly appearing in the play kitchen there were still more than enough to make a good noise in a pink bucket left over from last summer’s beach adventures.

Elma’s favourite kitchen activity is stirring. Actually that’s Elma’s favourite activity full stop; be it swirling her bathwater with her toothbrush, or her cup of water with her cutlery at supper, but she does love to sit there with her pots and pans whipping up conkers and chopped watermelon, and when she came across Kitty’s bucket of treasure she co-opted it for her tea parties.

But when she’s not stirring it turns out a bucket is also really good for swinging around and around and around.

She’s two.  I think we all know where this one’s going.  But the resulting shower of small droplets of plastic has turned into a whole new game; Kitty, distracted from playing space rockets by the pink and purple hail storm decided that they needed to gather up some supplies for their space mission and came out of the impromptu rocket (two chairs and a quilt) to investigate.  And there, laid out before her across a blue meadow of carpet was a veritable feast; cherries, wild strawberries and the occasional blackberry (the teddy shaped ones).  Space exploration was put on hold as she jumped straight into pure opressed-Disney-princess-who-doesn’t-yet-realise-she’s-a-princess mode, skipping from bead to bead and picking them to put in a little enamel bowl.  All we needed were the helpful woodland creatures and a couple of bluebirds to do the washing up.

I’m told they made a delicious lunch for her stuffed bunny Dully.

Space for the Butterflies - an eclectic handmade family life

It’s the lifecycle of a necklace: from Sofia to wild strawberries.