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Over the summer I was hugely honoured to be asked by Kristen to be part of her Writer Wednesday series.  Every week she features the stories behind some amazing and inspirational people, many of whom have actually been published in a ‘you can hold it in your hand’ kind of a way, rather than the more ‘as long as I pay my web hosting I can waffle for as long as I like’ kind of publish we have around here.  We emailed back and forth and I wrote, and edited, and wrote a bit more, and eventually took a deep breath and pressed send.

And so today I’m moonlighting at Not Intent on Arriving trying to convey in not too many words just how and why I love both language and this particular medium, so do come and say hello.

It’s the first time I think I’ve really said out loud that I am a Writer of the capital W variety, rather than just a person who happens to write, which is definitely a white knuckle moment. I still feel a little bit like I might be deluding myself and the gods of the internet will come down from on high and in booming voice declare “You! a Writer! Take a 404 Error: File Not Found for your hubris, go back to blogging about buttons, and for heavens sake stop starting your written sentences with “And”!!”.

If you hear about freak thunderbolts in Warwickshire this afternoon you know what happened.