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Officially Official


This week we consigned our boy to a lifetime of taxes.  Sorry about that sweetheart.

I’ve actually always rather enjoyed registering the children, making them officially official as it were.  However many times you’ve written out their name on scraps of paper when you were pregnant, or seen it handwritten in congratulations cards, there is something special about the first time you see it formally typed out on a birth certificate and you can sit and look at it and think, yes that looks good, that’s my son.

We gave his details, checked we’d spelt his names right, checked we’d spelled our names right, had the usual discussion about H and my date of birth (it’s the same – it confuses forms the world over), and then I signed. Signed to say yes this baby is ours, our beautiful Pip.

And in one fell swoop our little boy officially became a British citizen.

As H was free to come with us we made it a family outing and I think the girls rather enjoyed showing off their baby brother and telling everyone his names. It certainly had a bit of a novelty value compared to their usual mornings.

And to celebrate Pip and the fact that we’d got all of us out of the house all dressed and hair mostly brushed and made it to the appointment on time, we decided there were only two things to do.

Space for the Butterflies - an eclectic handmade family life

The first was to take a picture of all of us outside Warwick town hall.  If you’ve ever tried to take a selfie of a family of five when one of you is a teeny tiny baby, one of you is in the buggy and another of you is a four year old who is absolutely certain that the only way she’s going to be in the picture is to be on the side of the camera away from Mummy then you’ll know exactly why it is that none of our pictures have quite managed to get everyone in, or everyone looking at my phone!

And the second was to go out for breakfast.  Well four of us went out for breakfast and Pip sat in my arms and watched the rest of us have breakfast!  He had plenty of milk on tap so I don’t think he felt too hard done by.

Space for the Butterflies - an eclectic handmade family life

They’re all iPhone snaps again, but there’s something I love about them, a little collection of moments from our family life.  It’s strange to think that just over five weeks ago our family didn’t look like this; it feels like Pip both arrived yesterday and has always been here and not only can I not imagine life without him, but I sometimes find it hard to remember what life was like if not before he arrived, then certainly before my pregnancy with him.

We sat around the table, Kitty trying to poach part of H’s breakfast, Elma wondering whether anyone would notice if she just ate the butter and maple syrup off her waffles and left the key element behind (NB we did), and H and I tucking in wherever we could, and it was perfect.  A little noisy, a little messy, definitely more than a little sticky (that would be the maple syrup) but perfect to celebrate our new everyday ordinary as a family of five.