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Extra Yarn {what we’re reading}


According to the inscription on the fly leaf, Extra Yarn belongs to Kitty, given to her for Christmas 2013 by one of our oldest friends, who also happens to be her godfather. I know Kitty unwrapped it, I know Kitty turns the pages as we read and very definitely claims it as her own, but I also suspect that her god-daddy and his lovely other half knew exactly who might be reading this one when they bought it.

Space for the Butterflies - an eclectic handmade family life

I mean it’s every knitter’s dream isn’t it, a magical box that never quite runs out of yarn however many jumpers and bobble hats and tree cosies Annabelle knits. Well that and the fact that within the space of a book she’s knit enough jumpers to clothe the whole town and cosies to cover anything that will stand still long enough to be measured; clearly this is a young lady with a technique I need to study and the kind of knitting time I can only dream of!

Space for the Butterflies - an eclectic handmade family life

It’s a lovely lovely collaboration between Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen (who wrote and illustrated the darkly hilarious I Want My Hat Back amongst others).

Space for the Butterflies - an eclectic handmade family life

I think part of the charm is that the narration manages to make what is clearly a very extraordinary situation seem so very natural and normal.  I think part of the magic of childhood is your willingness to suspend disbelief and entertain ideas that your rational adult brain tells you are clearly impossible.  Yes, the laws of physics will tell you that a small box cannot contain enough yarn to cloak every surface in a small town; but imagination is where you can make anything happen, so why shouldn’t it?  And if you’re going to allow a never ending source of yarn, why shouldn’t an archduke come to try to steal it away (does anywhere even have archduke’s anymore? the only one I can bring to mind was the one that shot an ostrich – but I digress!).

Space for the Butterflies - an eclectic handmade family life

And with the simple magical storytelling come Jon Klassen’s illustrations.  And as its Annabelle that brings colour to her town in the middle of a deep winter when everything is black as soot or white as snow, everything is a charcoal version of sepia, stark and grey and unrelenting, apart from the knitting.  Giant stitches that drift across every colour of the rainbow (hmm, that may be how she’s knitting so quickly) making the world a much cheerier place.

Space for the Butterflies - an eclectic handmade family life

I love that all the people have pink cheeks and noses from the snowy winter, and how they all look so much happier once they’re wearing their new jumpers.

And Kitty loves the in joke, when all of her favourite friends turn up again, though this is clearly before the hat incident as the bear isn’t wearing a hat – and the rabbit is still with us!

Space for the Butterflies - an eclectic handmade family life

We’ve come across a few books that include knitting or crafting, and I’m generally predisposed to like them, but they’ve never been as popular as this is with all of us.  This is the book that I want to reach for on a grey winter’s afternoon, with all of my babies snuggled up next to me under a blanket as slowly outside flakes begin to fall and the world turns soft and white.

I’ve got the babies, I’ve got the book, I’ve even got the blanket (hand knitted of course), now all I need is the snow!


Space for the Butterflies: What We're Reading

And if you have a favourite, or just something fun your little or not so little ones have enjoyed reading lately please do join us. The linky is always open for the whole week so there’s plenty of time. And so, without further ado, it’s over to you to tell me what we should be reading!

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  • sally 30/09/2014 at 12:17 pm

    I do like your What we’re reading posts, as soon as I saw the front cover in my blog reader I liked the look of this one. And I went and read your hat review one too, and love the look of that just as much. I think it would appeal to my children! They’ve both gone into my wish list on Amazon for possible Christmas presents. Have you read the other hat one with the fish that popped up on Amazon too?

    • Carie 30/09/2014 at 3:46 pm

      Not yet, I’ve seen it in the shop though and I think it might make a Christmas appearance for one of our girls.

  • Vickie 30/09/2014 at 9:01 pm

    Oh if only I had an unlimited supply of yarn! Mind you my husband is convinced that I already do! 🙂

    This looks like such a fun book. I love that the Archduke is very monochromatic, despite being wonderfully flamboyant, compared to the brilliantly colourful townsfolk.

    • Carie 01/10/2014 at 1:04 pm

      I think mine is convinced that I do too – strange man, it’s just the cupboard and the two boxes in the studio and the bag on the end of the sofa and the two skeins that for some unknown reason are sat on my dressing table – it’s really not that much – right..?

  • Donna 01/10/2014 at 10:44 pm

    This book looks beautiful, and so YOU! x

    • Carie 02/10/2014 at 10:39 pm

      Oh it’s definitely very very me – but the girls genuinely love it too, I promise I’m not forcing it one them in a sort of knitting brainwashing move!