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28 Weeks of a Little Bump and Me


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28 weeks – welcome to the Third Trimester! This my friends is the point at which the realisation that we might actually be having a baby really starts to kick in. We’ve got the pram doubling kit out of the box and actually tried to work out how to fit it to the pram (please note the key use of the word ‘tried’); we’ve moved the cross trainer out of the corner of the lounge (where admittedly it had started to impersonate a rather athletic looking clothes horse) so that we can fully extend the dinner table, and even more worryingly we’ve voluntarily spent actual bank holiday weekend time in car garages wondering whether it is ever going to be possible to leave the house in one car again (answer: probably not – Kitty sobbed when strapped into the back of one option!)

So how are we?

Well ‘Little Bump’ is quite clearly starting to be ironic. We’re huge! Little Bump should apparently weigh about a kilogram this week, and is starting to put on some of that gorgeous chubby plumpness, ready to meet the outside world (note to baby: not yet you’re not sweetheart).

We’ve also definitely hit one of my favourite developmental milestones in that he or she can now hear sounds. Which is lovely if it’s me singing to Elma, or reading stories, Daddy saying goodbye to the bump as he heads off to works, or the big sisters having a little chat, and probably less good if it’s just variations on “Elma! Sit down please!” as a certain young explorer makes a bid to climb onto the dinner table again, or “play gently with your sister!” (self explanatory!).

According to the internets we could get Little Bump wriggling by shining a light on the bump, but frankly this child does not need any encouragement to start practicing his or her dance moves. The kicks are still coming from all over the place so I don’t think Little Bump has settled down into one particular position; sometimes it feels like my bladder’s being tickled (and yes that does have the consequence you would expect) and other times I can feel a little point of hardness that must be a heel or and elbow tracking across the top of the bump, and then there’s those sudden whole belly thumps that can only be hiccups.

H and Kitty have both had plenty of chances to feel a kick (Elma is completely uninterested), and Kitty watched my tummy for a few minutes over the weekend, captivated by the crazy jumps and wiggles going on. She’s taken to asking me whether it’s summer yet which as it’s cold and wet and rainy today is easily answered with “no, not yet” but also makes me think we might need to have a bit more of a chat about what “at the end of the summer” actually means in terms of when this brother or sister might arrive.

And as for me, I’m mostly tired but fine. I’ve had a few afternoons of nausea which makes me really hope that the morning sickness is not about to come back and haunt me, but I think I just got overtired.

I’m getting used to just how much space the bump takes up too; I’m not great at squeezing past anyone anymore, baby bumps are surprisingly solid, and the things on the floor have now become a really really long way away. It’s definitely a perk to having older children that they will fetch things for you, though I think I might have to rope H in to repainting my toes, I’m not quite sure I’m ready to trust Kitty with the nail polish (by about five years)!

Perhaps I should treat myself to a pedicure – after all, I’m on the final leg now; just 12-14 weeks to go!