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26 weeks of a Little Bump and Me


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Yesterday at 7.30 on the dot some very nice men in a dark green delivery van arrived on my doorstep with the necessary ingredients to make my single buggy into a double. It’s really truly happening. We’re going to be having another baby. In 16 weeks or less. I think I might need to go and sit down and eat a handful of dolly mixture now.

We don’t need much at all to prepare for Little Bump, in fact I think the buggy addition and possibly another Tripp Trapp might be about it. We didn’t double up the buggy when Elma arrived because Kitty was walking strongly enough that we thought we’d see how we got on before committing to it, but with the slightly smaller age gap and only two hands attached to me it’s a bit more of a necessity.

And call it nesting, or just a bit of organised panic, but as the weeks skitter away from us, and it starts to become a serious possibility that I won’t just be pregnant forever (although feel free to come back to me on that one in late August) I’m starting to want to get things all nicely organised, and the house all clean and tidy and decluttered, and the few bits and bobs that we do need all ordered and laid in. It’s most strange!

So how have we been?

Well Little Bump is apparently in the run up to hitting the 2lb mark. Given that my babies have both topped 8lb, and they seemed small enough to me, it’s both scary and amazing that babies are delivered at a quarter of that size and that the medical knowledge is there to help support them. For the record small child of mine, please stay put for a good while longer, you have some growing to do!

He or she is still kicking up a storm and I’m starting to feel moments when I suspect that there’s a case of the hiccups going on rather than just stretching and kicking. Kicks tend to be quite localised whereas the hiccups are very rhythmic and feel like my whole bump got spooked and jumped at something! It’s all good and kind of fun to watch!

I think this is also about the time that the baby can start to hear sound from the outside world; we told Kitty and she’s taken to coming and putting her head up against the bump and singing to it, or just having a chat (“you’re going to be my baby, but I haven’t met you. Later on, you’re going to come out, but not til it is summer because Mummy says”).

From the wiggles and kicks I’d say either Little Bump likes it, or she woke him or her up!

And as for me, well the biggest news this week is that I impressively managed to chip a tooth eating yoghurt. I know, it takes serious skill. There’s an old wives tale along the lines of loosing a tooth every pregnancy and while I’ve never exactly lost one I do seem to have taken an impressive chunk out of one for every baby. I suspect it’s my natural inclination to grind my teeth when I’m asleep combined with work stress and a few of those oh so lovely pregnancy nightmares but whatever the cause I wish it hadn’t happened.

Other than that I’m mostly just getting bigger, and with it getting tired more easily, and tired leads to nausea, so I’m trying to allow myself a little down time if I need it and not worry about the list of a gazillion things that all need doing before Little Bump appears. Easier said than done.

But then I sit down, and the bump in front of me flickers and wiggles and I can trace out a pattern of harder points across my tummy that must map out heels and elbows and little baby knees, and everything else just seems to fade away and not matter quite so much. Roll on August, I’m sure it’s all going to be fine!