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24 weeks of a Little Bump and Me


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Or perhaps not so Little Bump any more! In the last week I’ve had more than one person ask when I’m due and be genuinely surprised when I say August. Even H wondered whether they were sure there wasn’t an extra baby hiding in there.

Well three scans say just one baby, right on track, so I’m going to chalk it up to being just part of having a third baby, and a good amount of misconception about the true size of a heavily pregnant Mama given that almost every movie or tv show has someone who looks about six months as their version of ‘due right now’.

So how are we?

Little Bump’s biggest development seems to be that he or she is now kicking up a storm, especially at night or if I’ve had a little smidgen (or perhaps a pinch more) of the Easter chocolate. H has felt plenty of really strong kicks and I can certainly see my tummy jumping around if I sit and watch it at the right time. It’s both incredibly weird if you think about it too much, and wonderful and amazing.

Kitty likes to come and chat to ‘Baby Pinky’ and keeps asking where the baby’s legs are which I can just about answer, and eyes, which is a bit more of a challenge. I’m trying to get her to feel a kick but we’ve not quite managed to combine toddler patience and baby wiggles and I think she might think that my breathing is the baby moving. I’ve no idea what she’s going to make of it when we do get the timing right, she felt Elma move a couple of times but wasn’t old enough to really understand what it was, now when she does understand so much more it should be interesting.

Little Bump is predicted to be about 800g round about now and and I’ll go out on a limb and predict that they’re nice and lanky with it. Certainly some of those kicks have got some good levers behind them.

And as for me, I’m mostly tired, but frankly which Mama of little ones isn’t. I’m mostly just pottering away at daily life and gradually watching the bump grow and wiggle which is nice and calm for pregnancy but not terribly interesting in terms of an update. My latest craving has been for spinach and avocado salad; lots of spinach leaves, sliced avocado, cherry tomatoes, pine nuts, Parmesan and a smidge of mustard dressing. It’s amazing, and as just about every ingredient comes fairly high on the list of things that are great for you to eat during pregnancy I’ve been giving in at every available opportunity. I’ve yet to have it for breakfast but surely it’s only a matter of time!

I was talking cravings with H’s aunt last weekend, a friend of hers had accurately predicted baby E to be a boy on the basis of his mother’s cravings for salty savoury food, lots of meat and crisps, and had a theory that sweet means a girl and savoury a boy. When I was expecting Kitty my cravings were mostly tropical fruit, especially pineapple, and olives, Innocent smoothies, and I seem to remember a fondness for cheese towards the end. With Elma there was definitely a Sunday afternoon hunt for a dolly mixture itch that just had to be scratched, and olives and pineapple made another appearance so I’m not sure I can add to the statistics one way or the other and we’ll just have to wait and see what the combination of Jelly Babies and spinach salad adds up to! So I’m throwing it open, if you can remember, how did your cravings match up to the variety of baby that arrived?