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Elma Family Milestones

One foot in front of the other


Kitty sat curled up on H’s knee, clutching a bag of teddy crisps in one hand while the other alternated between delivering them to her mouth, and casting out a shower of crumbs as her hands reconstructed all the important bits of her day at nursery,

“We were playing pirates in the garden! And then we bonked heads!!”

Elma lent against my legs, sucking her thumb and snuggling her Minnie to her cheek and watching them thoughtfully. She wasn’t holding on to me, just leaning, and I very gradually shifted my weight so that she was mostly taking her own weight and using me for comfort more than support.

And as crisp after crisp disappeared into Kitty, Elma decided to do something about it, and promptly took four good steps across the lounge to finish with both hands inside the packet and a beaming smile plastered across her face!

How did I not guess that for the lady who believes that all food was put on this earth for her to taste (to the extent that she would very much prefer it if we would just put the serving dish in her place), Pombears would turn out to be the crucial motivation!

Since then she’s tried a couple more steps between chair and dolly pram when she thought no one else was watching, but looks at us with puzzled expressions if we try to persuade her to walk between us. But I know it won’t be long before she gets her confidence and starts running around after her sister.

So because this is first and foremost our ‘family book’, it’s time to record that on 24 March 2014, aged 15 months and 12 days, my clever little girl took her very first steps.

And almost as importantly, we were all there to see her do it.

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(post walking crisp eating!)