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Elma Family Kitty Living Arrows Photography

Living Arrows 4/52


Sometimes the very best of times are the quiet days, the ordinary ones, the ones spent watching out of the window for a break in the rain so that we can make good on our promise of a trip to the play park, only for the skies to darken and the heavens open as soon as we got there.

Kitty might only have managed a few loops on the roundabout, a scramble across the climbing frame and a little drive of the toy car before the rain turned to hail but it was worth it, even when we found ourselves tucked under the slide for a little shelter from the icy deluge, just for the gleam in her eye when she talks about her ‘adventure’.

Space for the Butterflies - aneclectic handmade family life

And sometimes it’s a day when you realise that your tiny daughter has got big enough to reach the kitchen sink; mainly because that’s where you found your scarf.Space for the Butterflies - aneclectic handmade family life

Quiet, simple, ordinary and treasured.