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When I was expecting Elma I always thought I was having another girl, but I was pretty certain it was more a lawyerly application of logic to my subconscious to equate ‘pregnant’ with ‘give birth to baby girl’ than any deep seated Mama-baby telepathy. And for a while at least it seemed as though lawyer logic might have been right; Elma is after all remarkably like Kitty in appearance, and rapidly adopted fairly similar preferences for eating, sleeping and cuddles.

But as she’s emerged more and more from teeny tiny new baby to the warm little snuggle bug currently snoozing in my arms, it’s all the differences in personality that jump out at me as much as the shades of Kitty mark two, and today I got to add a couple to the list as well as a new first for the baby book.

Elma’s first Aquababies class was everything I remembered; we had the same teachers that taught me with Kitty, the same rhymes, and the same pink plastic duck (inexplicably named Kev, and equally surprisingly beloved of all the babies).

Kitty always enjoyed her swimming classes but Elma, Elma just loved it. From the first moment that her tiny toes touched chlorinated water and she realised that this was a giant bath, she was in seventh heaven. I don’t think those little legs stopped kicking for an instant, and her beaming smile only broke to give way to high pitched squeals of delight.

I wish I had photos because she is the epitome of cute in a spotty swimsuit with a little frill but even if the pool didn’t have a photo policy I’m just not that much of an octopus.

We stayed in the water for another 10 minutes or so after the class ended to let some of the changing room scrum die down but I think Elma could have stayed in there all day. She truly is my water baby.

And a water baby who loves showers it seems. She’s never had a shower before and Kitty will run in the opposite direction shrieking “no, no shower! I no like! Daddy put shower away!” if you so much as suggest it, but apparently in the world according to Elma, nice warm water and a cuddle from Mama is a pretty good way to get clean.

I think we may just have booked up our Friday mornings for the summer.