Christmas Family Finished Knitting

Worth waiting for

At approximately 7.57pm on Thursday night, in an occasion of great moment, I delivered what I am counting as the last of my Christmas knitting.  It’s not actually actually the very last bit of Christmas knitting because there’s still a ball of yarn in my car’s glove box that’s very slowly turning into a pair of socks for H.  Technically they will be H’s second pair of socks but as I’ve finished his hat and his first pair of socks, the second can be allowed to be Easter bunny presents instead. Or maybe birthday. Or Christmas.  It’s all a little dependant on two girls falling asleep at the same time while I’m not actively involved in driving the car, and yes that happens just as often as you might think.
I digress.  The gift in question was for my mother in law; whose appreciation for a good pair of warm hand knit socks is well documented, usually because they need new heels, and who is always happy to add to her collection.


It might not have been my best ever plan to choose the weeks just after Elma’s arrival to be knitting in pattern, rather than plain and stripy, and it’s just possible that a good case of the newborn baby pink haze addled my brain to the extent that I needed to have the pattern open in front of me at all times, all of which probably slowed down production. 
But then, if speed was the primary consideration, I wouldn’t knit socks, at least, not in 4ply sock yarn on tiny, if rather gorgeous and very purple 2.5mm needles. I’d take up weaving, knit socks out of bulky yarn on broom handles, or even better, I believe there are magical places called “shops” where you can buy socks ready made, even in multipacks.
I know some people try to practice mindful knitting; thinking of the recipient or the zen of the process with each knit or purl and I can’t honestly say that I’ve ever successfully managed that, my thoughts run a little more like;
“…did I take the mince out of the freezer? …. is that Elma waking up? …. where did I stash the sock blockers? …. this is pretty… oooh, Pointless is on?… Military Wives choir, bet they went platinum, I’ll have that as my answer…. oh yes, nil point… now where was I on this row?”
I’m giving my time.  Time in choosing the perfect pattern and a yarn to show it off that won’t fall apart on the first wearing, and then hours of carefully knitting each little heather stitch, and more time than I’d have liked going back and reknitting a few bits where the pattern got away from me.  And if I just happen to rather enjoy the process, that’s what you might call a win-win situation.
For those whose interest in knitting only extends as far as the fluffy socks currently warming their feet (Hi Dad), this is the boring techy bit.  For anyone else who’s as enamoured of knitting and socks as I am; read on dear friend, read on.


The pattern is Pointelle from Cookie A’s Knit. Sock. Love. and the yarn I think is an Opal; I found it in the stash sans ball band so I’m guessing by the feel.
They really aren’t as complicated a pattern as I made them (I’m blaming baby brain for that regardless of whether or not scientists currently believe in its existence), and they are beautiful.


I love the curve of the diagonals as they wrap around your feet, and my little befuddled brain bows in awe at a mind that can visualise that kind of design and then make it so.  I’m seriously tempted to break out some handspun for a pair for myself.


But these are for my mother in law, or at least I think they are.  I certainly gave them to Grandma but when Kitty was sat in my lap helping me edit these photos and I asked if she remembered my knitting them she confidently pointed a Crayola stained forefinger to the left foot,

“Dat Grandma sock….

… and dat [the right foot]  – Granda sock!”

Clearly she knows something I don’t.

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