Baby Family Knitting Work in Progress



October 574

I’m in a race. 

It appears that what with ever so slightly less train knitting time in this pregnancy than the last (that would be the part time thing), an ever roaming toddler who has decided that naps are not for big girls, and an inability to stay up past Kitty’s bedtime without morphing into a soporific zombie, cosseted into a nest of comfy sofa cushions, my master plan to have finished the bump’s blanket before we got anywhere near his or her due date has been somewhat compromised.

I’ve still got five repeats to go.  And the border of a gazillionty and one stitches.  And I want to do smart little steek facings with the date in to match Kitty’s (and circumvent any future discussions as to whose blanket is whose). 

So far, I’ve only been beaten in baby knitting races by babies who decided to come early so I’m just blindly focusing on the fact that Kit was two weeks late, and telling myself that I’ve still got ages to go.  A baby at 41 weeks sounds like quite a nice plan; enough time to have finished off a few things, and done a little Christmas shopping, and not so late as to involve (a) induction or (and more importantly) (b) H discovering his wife sat on the bed with the duvet over her head, to be told (when delicate enquiries revealed that this was not a new method of natural induction) that she was “WAITING UNTIL THE BABY COMES!” which may or may not have happened with increasing regularity between weeks 40 and 42 of our pregnancy with Kitty.
October 563

I think I should finish in time, not least because I’m not starting to knit anything else, and that includes Christmas knitting or some desperately needed new jumpers or cardies for Kit, until I’m done, but also because it’s not hard to be monogamous to something that is as much fun as this to knit.

I mean, it’s an Alice Starmore baby blanket kit.  For most of you, that’s all I need to say, and even if you knew nothing about knitting, the pictures will tell you everything; the lady is a genius with colour, both in terms of the dye pot and then the arrangement, and the pattern has the strongest ‘just one more row’ vibe that I’ve ever encountered.

So I’m placing my bets on my fingers and in the epic battle between baby and woolly elephants, my vote goes to:
October 561

Note to smallest child: seriously love, give Mama a couple of weeks and you can fire at will; if you arrive now you won’t quite be sleeping in my bottom drawer but a little reorganising time wouldn’t go amiss – love Mama xxx

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