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Good things begin with B: Birthdays


Do you remember that feeling of pedalling to catch up with a bike that was galloping away with you the first time you rode down a hill that was a bit too steep for your abilities when you were learning as a child?  If you’re anything like me it ended up in some inopportune braking, a somersault over the handlebars to act as a soft landing for the offending machinery and a special flowery plaster on each knee.  I’m feeling a bit like that at the moment, I have so much to tell and I want to do it justice and not trip over my tongue along the way. 

I meant to blog last Thursday, but I fell asleep putting Kitty to bed and the next thing I knew it was a bit too late to tell you of H and my very

June 698

H had taken a few days off work so he was there to cook us scrambled eggs for breakfast (his culinary piece de resistance), and there to come to Tots Splash at the pool where our 21 month old daughter modelled a beautiful new swimsuit, only a fraction too large – at size 3-4 years.   I know I’m tall and H is tall therefore Kitty being tall is not news to us, but age 3-4 at 1 and 3/4? That I was not expecting.

We went out to lunch afterwards and came home to try to do justice to the cake to end all cakes:

June 771

It’s chocolate sponge, filled with buttercream, topped with chocolate buttercream, and Smarties, and KitKats.  If ever death were truly to be induced by chocolate, this would be the cake to do it, it’s completely delicious, incredibly rich …. and it’s sat right in front of me – would you excuse me for just a second …

It’s a perk of the internet over pen and paper that I’m only dusting morsels of sponge from my own computer right now. 

So 31, what should I say about you as an age? You are the year that we celebrated a first first birthday, the year when Christmas was all about saucer-eyes and the excited squeaks of a tiny girl, and the year in which I tried to figure out my new normal as a part-time working Mama.  We were perhaps on the spring tide of highs and lows but we can live with that, and 32 is looking to be pretty good from four days in.

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