Christmas Quilting Work in Progress

Seasonally appropriate quilting


Thank you for your help and suggestions for fixing my chronic inability to count.  The popular vote was for option C – pick out the offending line and fudge it somehow and, by the power of evenweave, I think I’ve managed something that looks almost as if it was supposed to be like that.  But more on that another day when I’ve had time to finish it properly and find some sunshine for some pictures.

Today we went to town, ran errands, and came home again, and then had lunch, went to town and ran the errands we forgot to do this morning.  It’s been a deja vu sort of a day, but that could just be the sleep deprivation talking. Kitty is currently combining the arrival of two new teeth (1 front, 1 molar) with a grotty cold, and to stave off the feelings of misery that clearly envelop her own bed, is showing a marked preference for sleeping on my head, preferably while simultaneously pulling my hair and kicking her father, and all three of us are wading through the sandman’s cloying glue trying not to leave our boots behind.

I’ve only been embroidering while in full possession of my facilities to prevent any more counting incidents, so in the non-nursing gaps of the evenings I’ve turned back to my sewing machine for a little quilting.

January 203

Well I’m not sure this even counts as proper quilting.  I’ve been adding the borders to my Christmas quilt, just long long seams to add a 2.5 inch white border that will eventually be finished off with a red binding.
July 139
The quilt in question started life as a jelly roll, and then I needed another one to get enough white background prints to have the desired effect, and then a few charm squares for the same reason.  I ended up with a good pile of charm squares left over so I’ve used them to piece the back with some Kona solids for company.

One of today’s final errands was to pop into Quilter’s Den in Warwick for some cotton wadding and deep red quilting thread, and now that Kitty is asleep (for the moment) and H has popped out to compare parenting notes with a fellow NCT class Daddy in the pub, I’m going to push back the sofa, roll up the Aquadoodle, tuck small pieces of toddler-related plastic into all available nooks and crannies, and baste baste baste.

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  • Rachel 23/01/2012 at 5:09 am

    I’m commenting in reverse…should be interesting! Sorry to hear you are going through teething with a cold…must be hard to sleep in your house!

    That quilt is fantastic. I love the colors and what you are doing with the borders!