Even brighter than the moon


binär optionen erfahrungsberichte November 053
I once said that if Kitty came home from nursery with glue on her knees and smear of glitter across her cheek, I’d be a happy Mama.  Yesterday she came home with a day report that said how much she’d enjoyed making a mess with glitter, and this firework.
November 059
It’s been well coated with the glitter, which seems to be her current form of artistic expression; her Halloween spider on the baby-room mobile was the one with one side solidly armoured in silver glitter, and her firework sparkles from every angle.


http://graciediet.com/ask/mr-rorion-gracie閵 亗鍎 妶顏傚厒閸忓牏鏁撻妵 傚帗濮樻ぜ 归妵娆嶄罕閿涗降鈧偓缁変降浼�8 炶揪绱甸妴鈧�9/ We didn’t take her to any displays this year, but we’ve seen a good part of a number of village displays from the upstairs windows.  Last night when I was putting her to bed the windows reverberated from the shock waves coming down the hill from the explosions up above the sports fields, and tonight a smaller scale display from some near neighbours had multicoloured bubbles of light dancing down the walls.


http://work-ability.ca/friends-workability My concession towards Bonfire Night was two packets of giant sparklers; the first we lit before supper for Kitty to enjoy/hide from, and before we got the second set lit we got out the camera.

binaire opties kansspelbelasting November 100

bdswiss risiko November 101

http://gryphus.com.br/?sokerpt=op%C3%A7%C3%B5es-bin%C3%A1rias-metodo&b9b=a1 November 114
(the middle one is flowers).

ثنائي الذهب استراتيجية الخيار To take them, I set the camera up on an 8″ shutter at F5 and ISO 100 on a tripod pointing at the darkest bit of the back garden.  For the angel halo shot I set a rear flash (and stayed very still, which is why I look a little frozen).  Once we remembered how to make letters going backward we wrote our names (but ran out of space and time to do Kitty’s), and I caught one scary shot where the sparkler had run out and I’d come out of the shot before the flash went off leaving a little sparkler writing and the ghost of my face.

enter My best writing shot however, is more of a statement of intent as to what I’m going to do for the rest of the evening:

top ten dating advice November 079

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