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7 Months, 14 days, 23 hours


May 029

If you had to choose a word to describe our last couple of weeks I think it would be ‘unsettled’. Miss Kitty started her settling in sessions at nursery to get ready for me to go back to work and although her first two trips went really well, the rest have been 10 minutes of fun and then inconsolable tears until Mama reappears.  It’s the most upset she’s ever been and it just about broke my heart.  So, with a little hasty maths and a few phone calls we’ve delayed my start date and the little Miss now has almost 2 months to find her feet.  If she isn’t happy and letting me leave her by the middle of June we can have a re-think but for now that’s the plan.

In all of the flurry of being at nursery and the tears and clinging afterwards (from both of us) I completely ran out of time for madam’s month-birthday post.  So here we are at 7 months, 14 days, 23 hours.

Well we know what you don’t like at the moment.  You unequivocally do not like to be separated from Mummy at nursery, especially if it’s also the morning (that’s a smidge of your Daddy’s personality coming through I suspect).  It makes you an unhappy little girl and that’s not OK by anyone so we’re going to take it slow and see how you go.
May 036
But as for what you do like..

Well you continue to adore swimming.  We went this morning and you had a whale of a time, splashing with both hands and giggling when we jumped up and down.  Your friends Isabelle and Tess come too and the three of you are real little water babies.
May 094
This month you really mastered sitting up, and you’re getting more and more stable every day, although I’m going to keep putting cushions behind you for a little while yet, just in case of a wobble.  Being so much higher you can really play with your toys rather than just looking at them and you really love your teddies.

You’ve also been working on the rolling and you cover the carpet at some speed; I don’t think it will be long before you’re crawling.
May 018

May 045
Last weekend we went to see Daddy’s cousin H to help with a little revision for her exams and you loved having cuddles and playing in the garden in her study breaks (and Mummy loved eating Aunt M-L’s homemade cake), and yesterday Grandma and Grandad popped in on their way back from Bristol and you had a wonderful time playing ‘flying baby’ with Grandad.
May 067
You’ve been having food of your own for over a month now and you’re certain that anything edible is your to eat – we can’t eat anything in front of you if we can’t give you some, or something else of your own – and I’m getting used to sharing all of my fruit (particularly plums and strawberries).  This morning it was blueberries and pears – I think you liked it!

May 080

May 081

May 083
All in all you remain our pride and joy and we love you more than we could ever tell you.

Love Mama and Daddy xxxxxxx