Happy Valentine’s Day


February 111
I woke up gently this morning, sleepily wished my husband a happy Valentine’s Day, and then told him that he was really late to work and he had to get up. 
February 117
Happily for both of us, because he was really late by this point, his Valentine surprise for me was that he’d booked the day off work so we got to have a wonderfully lazy morning, pottering around the house doing the odd chore and generally just enjoying spending time as our little family of three.
February 105
We’re not usually into Valentine’s Day in a big flowers and chocolates and cards kind of way; but I’ll sign up to any excuse to play with my food and get the cookie cutters out, hence the oh so elegantly presented ham sandwiches for lunch.

I did fall victim to a little marketing by Sainsbury’s; mainly because I still get a kick out of buying packs of three and knowing that that’s one for each of us, so now we each have a little red Chinese-ish lantern with pink hearts.
February 119
We hung them off the mobile that Uncle C and Aunt C gave Kitty for Christmas which hangs off our lounge lightfitting which puts them at shoulder height for us.
February 120
Kitty, clearly themed for the occasion in a t-shirt only slightly too small, loves it when we blow the lanterns to make them spin so I think they might stay up for a while.
February 128
She is possibly the most spoiled of all today (as is right and fitting) after we took a trip to see her Godmamma this afternoon who had knitted the sweetest little red pinafore dress, perfect to match her t-shirt. I’ve no photo because the princess is asleep, and no link because it appears to have escaped Mandy’s ravelry page unless I’m being very blind. It’s all warm and snuggly (and three inches longer than the pattern) and she looks completely adorable in it – thank you Mandy.

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  • mandycharlie 15/02/2011 at 3:11 pm

    I hope you had a nice evening all three. I’ve updated Ravelry and my blog. Kitty looks completely adorable in her Valentines dress.