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A new toy


February 192
We’ve been going all high tech around here as you see! In amongst the heady bustle of finishingitis (more on which later when the weather cheers up and I can take some good photos), we’ve made what H describes as two very low tech lava lamps.

The blue is water with a good dollop of blue food colouring, and the yellow is sunflower oil.

Shake it all up and it turns turquoise
February 194
And then we sit and watch the bubbles of oil slowly separate
February 196

February 198
Until we get back to where we started.
February 201

In the spirit of full disclosure, the idea isn’t mine but was shamelessly pinched from Me and Wee. Kitty loves playing with it, she can touch and prod and shake, and even if she suddenly develops an amzing ability to unscrew tightly fastened bottle caps, the worst that will happen is that she’ll be a bit blue for a while; it can’t do her any real harm. Although having said that I don’t think I’ll be taking the bottles to anyone with a cream carpet just yet.