1st February


How is this possible? How has January passed in its enterity already? Did evil piskies come along in the night and flip forward everyone’s calendars a week without us noticing? Did I pass another month in a wonderful baby-centric blur? Why yes I did, how did you guess?

But as no amount of lamenting can return that piskie-pinched week that I know went missing in the wee small hours it is time instead to assess the effectiveness of my New Year’s Resolution on my vague crafty aims, which I may or may not ever have owned up to. So…

  • Task number 1: Finish the sampler quilt.  

Result: Finished. As of an hour ago. So technically I was defeated by half a binding which was sewn down this afternoon and this evening while Kitty and H played hide-peepo with the finished end.  I’m claiming victory on this one and as soon as it’s sunny again I’ll take some pictures.

  • Task number 2:: Finish the second Phoenix sock and make a start on writing up the pattern.

Result: If I were relying on finishing these socks to ensure warm and toasty feet I would have one very chilly set opf toes.  I have managed the ribbing and just over one pattern repeat on the second sock so I have made sopme progress but there’s still someway to go and the pattern is still entirely in my head.

  • Task number 3: Finish and block my Flowing River shawl.

Result: Finished – yippee
January 085

  • Task number 4: Start making the Christmas tree decorations that I didn’t make in time for Christmas.  Christmas 2009 that is.  

Result: Well I cut out the felt pieces for the trees and the deer from the 2009 Posie Gets Cosy kit and I’ve still got the 2010 kit to go.  It is progress but I probably need to do a little more each month than an afternoon’s cutting out if I’m going to be hanging them on my tree next year.

  • Task number 5: Owls need eyes

Result: Owls have eyes.  Lots of eyes.  I started the Owls sweater way back when Kitty was still an enormous bump with nary a swatch or appropriate yarn substitution in sight – I simply knit the largest size on 5 and 5.5mm needles in Mission Falls 1824 wool and hoped for the best.  And the best turned out to be not bad.
February 026
Please forgive the mirror photo – my resident photographer had the unfortunate inconvenience that is full time employment and Miss Kitty has not yet mastered the necessary pincer grip.  Or the kind of height she will need to take a picture of Mama that is more than just a shot of my nostrils.

It is a lovely comfy jumper, and whilst at the moment it reveals that this mother of a four-month old nursling has the figure of a mother of a four month old nursling, I have high hopes that a trip through the wash for blocking and the possible/probable/entirely unlikley return of something vaguely resembling my pre-pregnancy shape will only improve the fit.
February 021

I decided to go for just the one set of eyes on this jumper for various reasons, mainly connected to the cost of buttons, and I did need to buy 28 buttons because, well, when you have complete artistic direction over the dressing of your daughter, the possibility of dressing alike might just be too much to bear. (Just rejoice in the fact that I resisted the temptation to write a blog post full of Edward Lear allusions and leave it at that)
February 005
The Owlet is an equally good pattern and the finished result (size 9 months) is perfect for Kitty to continue to combat wintery weather with growth spurts.  She wore it to watch H play hockey on an icily damp Saturday and, tucked up in the snuggly cover to her buggy, was the only cozy member of the sideline spectators.  She also possetted on it which I’m choosing to interpret as a sign of deep devotion; after all, surely that’s what it means when she drools on me, no?

So heading out into February, shall we try some crafty aims for the month:

  • The handprint quilt.  Absolutely has to be done.
  • Finish the Phoenix socks and write up the pattern
  • Make more progress on the Christmas tree decorations.

Will I get close, only time will tell!
But before I go, today is one more very important first. Today, without a hint of sarcasm or cheekiness I can for the very first time say:
January 248

and it’s true  – I hope you had a wonderful day Dad; your grandaughter sends giggles and apparently a small amount of milky drool (you may regift the latter if you wish) and we’re looking forward to seeing you soon.

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  • mandycharlie 02/02/2011 at 12:38 am

    A Parliament of Owls! And both as wise as one. Your jumpers look fab, I’ll wager your very pleased with them, let us hope for a cold and blustery February.

  • Rachel 05/02/2011 at 3:21 am

    Oh, I love all the owls…especially since I hope to make a short-sleeved version for myself this year! Good luck on your February goals…I think taking it month to month is so much more manageable!