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Another week passing


I must come clean, I have a raging case of startitis which I am trying womanfuly to resist.  The resistance is not an objection to multiple projects on the needles/sewing machine, but simple financial restraints on the spending spree which my knitterly eyes want to take me on.  Apparently I don’t want to knit anything that I actually have yarn for but I could name half a dozen things that require a little flexing of the Paypal button. Paypal is a wonderful and dangerous thing- I don’t need to go and find my credit card to go shopping…!

The stash issues may be in no small part due to the fact that my stash appears to be largely comprised of odd balls and leftovers. Note to self to cull or make Kitty a whole load of stripy jumpers.  I do have a decent amount of laceweight and as the craving is for jumpers I’ve been eyeing up the laceweight jumper patterns – yes, this is the depths to which my startitis has developed – I’m seriously considering knitting mile upon mile of stocking stitch laceweight.

I am still knitting my Phoenix socks – slowly – and I’m going to finish them – soon.  But a girl can swatch can’t she?

I’ve not had a huge amount of crafty time this week as Miss Kitty is working on some teeny tiny little teeth which requires much nursing, chewing on things and cuddles from Mummy and in the available moments I’ve been working on ‘The Quilt with the Immovable Deadline’

I took a little shopping trip to Cotton Patch last week for some fabric and after much deliberation and discussion with my able assistant I went for four prints from Heather Bailey’s Nicey Jane range, and one from Bijoux.
February 097
Tonally they’re very similar so despite the different colours, they should go together quite well and allow the bright white of the stars to pop out.
February 101

I’ve been doing a little seam here and there, following this tutorial, and a week’s worth of odd moments soon adds up so that I’ve now got nine patches taken about as far as I can get them without having the centre squares handprinted yet.
February 098
I think I’ll add 2 1/2 inch white sashing with coloured corner blocks and then make the binding up out of strips of the fabric leftover from cutting the squares and then quilt and outline around each star and maybe stipple the rest of it – I haven’t quite decided yet, it’s very much a ‘wing it’ kind of quilt design.
February 099

None the less I like the way it’s coming together so far; I realised while I was sewing the other day that this is going to be the first quilt which I’ve made that I’ll be giving away, all the others are dotted around the house and see enough daily wear that I’m not too fussed about just how precise the points are and whether every seam matches (and quite often they’re not suitable for microscopic inspection).  This quilt though; lets just say that my seam ripper has never seen so much action.

Fingers crossed it turns out ok.

And what has Kitty been doing all this time – well her favourite activity seems to be grabbing everything within reach for a quick nibble-test ..

February 104
..and I mean everything; fingers, Daddy’s banana, and most impressively this morning she made a bid for the communion chalice and had to have her fingers prised gently off it by Mummy and the server.

But if Daddy’s home from his match there’s only one place for this little girl – by her Daddy’s side watching the match.

February 102
Daddy what did you just call that referee? ….. What does that mean?