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By hook, crook and Google, I recently came across the Wilette photography blog and her challenge for February to find the Joy of Love in pictures of someone you love each day.  Given that I don’t need to be asked twice to take pictures of Miss Kitty, and I’d like to try to improve my photography of small people that wriggle around (knitting being remarkably compliant when it comes to posing for a good shot), it seemed like it might be fun to try.

I’m a little behind times so we’ve got a few days to catch up with, and some of the pictures are from recent weeks rather than the past few days but the intent was there and some of them seem particularly fitting. So without further ado

Day 1: What they do

February 077
Kitty found her thumb just this side of Christmas to nicely co-incide with her transfer into her big girl cot and every now and then we’ll hear a little slurp slurp in the middle of the night as she comes up out of deep sleep and nuzzles her fingers as she drifts off again.  She’s sat on her Daddy’s lap as I type and that left thumb is firmly planted again – I think it helps take the edge off some teeth that might be about to make an appearance.

photo settings: f/3.3, ISO 800 with the shutter speed on auto and the white balance on incandescent pre-setting. I wish I’d used a slightly higher f stop because her thumb is beautifully in focus but the face is slightly blurred.

Day 2: How they look
January 204
It’s just too good a pun to resist.  Kitty is starting to enjoy her tummy time a bit more, possibly ever since Mummy and Daddy added another zebra to her collection at Christmas, and now that she recognises herself in the mirror she thinks it’s great fun to spot Mummy in the mirror.

Photo settings: f/4, ISO 300, Auto shutter

Day 3: Then and Now
February 095
I cheated a little bit with this one because it obviously isn’t a picture of Kitty, and then when Day 4’s theme came in I knew I had photos for both.  This is the very first baby vest that Kitty wore when we finally got around to dressing her after a wonderful hour or so of gazing at the tiny little baby curled on my chest, size newborn, and the vest that she’s wearing right now, size 6-12 months.  I think that says it all really.

Photo settings: f/3.3 ISO 160, auto shutter

Day 4: What they wear

February 096
I think I pre-empted this one – but really, how much has this little girl grown in 19.5 weeks!

February 089

Photo settings: f/3.3 ISO 160, auto shutter

and last but not least, Day 5’s theme is ‘What you love to hate’.  Your imagination can supply the details of the task that I enjoy the least when it comes to Miss Kitty. Suffice to say that I have not and will not be taking photos – I’ve usually got my hands full to be honest.  Particularly when a certain someone has a blow-out half way around Cotton Patch and needs attending to in the boot of my car before we travel home.

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