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February 2011

Knitting Quilting

Things that are finished and things that are not


see It’s grey, dank and gloomy here today and I think I made it rain in direct contradiction of no less than three weather reports by hanging a load of laundry out on the line so Kitty and I have spent the day snoozing, cuddling, singing silly songs and going to Sainsburys.  It’s been a bit of a non-day in terms of tangible achievements, but happily I did manage to take a few pictures of a few finished things for February.

Binary options online game play So, let me see; I think my number one aim for February was to make the handprint quilt with the immovable deadline.  We organised babies, painted their tiny little fingers, giggled at their slightly bemused expressions, and every now and then I sewed a seam.
February 224a
I finished sewing the binding down after Kitty went to sleep on Friday, which turns out to be a good thing as the party that was going to be a week on Thursday has been rearranged for tomorrow, and incidentally is the reason why my fridge is currently hard at work setting jellies in a sancastle bucket and seashell sand moulds.

viagra bra för hjärtat I know I’ve given some details of this quilt before, but just for completeness it’s nine 12.5 x 12.5 inch blocks made to this tutorial using four Heather Bailey fabrics; Swing Toss in pink and green, Lindy Leaf in green, and Mod Bead in pinkyppurple. The sashing is just 2.5 inch wide strips and squares.
February 216a
We painted the babies hands with green or pink fabric paint and printed them onto the centre square (before it was joined as a block) and then wrote their names underneath (that’s the smudgy bit in the photos).  We’ve got one square blank for the little girl whose quilt this will be, and the ninth square is the names of all the mummies.äre-optionen---einfach-und-schnell-geld-verdienen For the backing I chose a Tanya Whelan print from the Dolce collection called Marilyn, and the binding is just strips of leftovers.
February 212a
The quilting just follows the sashing and then outlines each of the stars. I have to admit I’m a little nervous about giving away a quilt.  I think she’ll like it, and hopefully she’ll be too distracted by the handprints to look too closely at how matchy the points are.

go to site Task number two also made it onto the finished rostrum; I finished the Phoenix socks on Saturday.
February 230
Have I written up the pattern? Only if ‘cast on 70 stitches’ is all you need to complete these socks.
February 235
Oh well, better to aim high.

Orlistat 120 mg without prescription And the Christmas tree decorations …? Let me distract you with more of the socks:
February 239
I’m still percolating my aims for March but I’ve got another 3 hours so that should be plenty.


A new toy


follow url February 192
We’ve been going all high tech around here as you see! In amongst the heady bustle of finishingitis (more on which later when the weather cheers up and I can take some good photos), we’ve made what H describes as two very low tech lava lamps. The blue is water with a good dollop of blue food colouring, and the yellow is sunflower oil.

afm waarschuwing binaire opties Shake it all up and it turns turquoise
February 194
And then we sit and watch the bubbles of oil slowly separate
February 196

news February 198
Until we get back to where we started.
February 201

wo optionen handeln In the spirit of full disclosure, the idea isn’t mine but was shamelessly pinched from Me and Wee. Kitty loves playing with it, she can touch and prod and shake, and even if she suddenly develops an amzing ability to unscrew tightly fastened bottle caps, the worst that will happen is that she’ll be a bit blue for a while; it can’t do her any real harm. Although having said that I don’t think I’ll be taking the bottles to anyone with a cream carpet just yet.


Five Months

21/02/2011 To my dearest little girl

ig binary option Today you are five months old.  It’s almost a year since you first made an appearance on this blog as a little tiny ultrasound smudge, and look at you now.
February 155
So how has your fifth month been? Well two days before you turned four months you first started to roll onto one side and now that’s your favourite trick; you love to lie in your jungle gym and chat to the butterflies and wiggle round and round in circles and roll from side to side to get to all your toys, and usually lift them over your head to surprise Mummy and Daddy. 
February 056
You haven’t quite mastered rolling onto your front without a bit of help but I’m sure it won’t be long now, and when you get there you’re head up and those little feet are kicking away. In the meantime you’ve discovered your toes and you’re keen to give them a thorough inspection.
February 103
This month you’ve started to show an interest in food, starting by grabbing Daddy’s banana out of his hand and giving it a good gum before returning it to its rightful owner, and since then I’ve given you the odd lick of a banana or an apple if I’m eating one.  I’m sure that when it comes to the right time for solids you’re going to love all these new tastes.
February 140
You continue to be such a happy little soul, with an easy going nature that reminds me so much of your father, and you’re definitely the extrovert; happy and chatty with your baby friends around you, and a ready smile and sweet gurgles for anyone who takes time to pull silly faces for you.
January 279
You are your Daddy’s biggest fan and your face lights up each day when we hear the door open and know that Daddy’s home again.
February 152
You love to play singing games, hide-peepo and bounce on my knee, but your favourite time is when I blow raspberries on your tummy and you try to grab my ears/hair/glasses – you giggle so much you sometimes give yourself hiccups.
February 104
Right now you’re working on some teeth; and by working I mean trying to gouge them out with your fingers from the looks of it.  I know they make your mouth sore so you’re having lots of cuddles and the occasional smidge of Bonjella to help and that makes you feel a lot better.  That and chewing on your teddies and anything else that you can make a bid for; usually the remote controls or the phone which we’d really rather you didn’t eat.
February 156
I know every age has its special charms but you are so much fun right now, well apart from yesterday morning when your nappy explosion took out not only your vest and baby gro, but my jeans and a favourite belt as well, not to mention the dripping that was going on as I whisked you upstairs while Daddy scrambled to run your bath; the memories of that one need to fade a little I think.
February 160
You are my Squeaky Peach, my joy, and I love you

Love Mama xxxxx


Rain, Wind and Wool


It’s been a grey and grizzly day here today but happily we had exciting and shiny post to open.  Kitty thought the shiny silver packet was very very thrilling and was allowed to prod at it a few times before Mama opened it.

And what did we find inside?
February 144


Alice has been dyeing beautiful colours and had a little naming competition on her blog with a skein as the prize for the winning name.  So this, with suitable apologies to JWM Turner, is see url Rain, Wind and Wool

February 147
It’s got the deep dark grey of a rain-filled cloud on the point of bursting, and that plummy purple is the steam from the original easy profit binary option course Rain, Steam and Speed, the sheen of wet tarmac after a downpour.

I loved the colour when I saw it on Alice’s blog but the yarn base is just gorgeous in person; it’s a wool, cashmere, nylon mix in a heavy fingering weight and I love it just as much as Kitty – thanks Alice, it’s a real treat.

So given that it might just be too gorgeous to be socks, has anyone got any patterns to suggest? I’ve got 400 yards of Soccusu-X and I’m going to enjoy knitting it.


Happy Valentine’s Day


February 111
I woke up gently this morning, sleepily wished my husband a happy Valentine’s Day, and then told him that he was really late to work and he had to get up. 
February 117
Happily for both of us, because he was really late by this point, his Valentine surprise for me was that he’d booked the day off work so we got to have a wonderfully lazy morning, pottering around the house doing the odd chore and generally just enjoying spending time as our little family of three.
February 105
We’re not usually into Valentine’s Day in a big flowers and chocolates and cards kind of way; but I’ll sign up to any excuse to play with my food and get the cookie cutters out, hence the oh so elegantly presented ham sandwiches for lunch.

I did fall victim to a little marketing by Sainsbury’s; mainly because I still get a kick out of buying packs of three and knowing that that’s one for each of us, so now we each have a little red Chinese-ish lantern with pink hearts.
February 119
We hung them off the mobile that Uncle C and Aunt C gave Kitty for Christmas which hangs off our lounge lightfitting which puts them at shoulder height for us.
February 120
Kitty, clearly themed for the occasion in a t-shirt only slightly too small, loves it when we blow the lanterns to make them spin so I think they might stay up for a while.
February 128
She is possibly the most spoiled of all today (as is right and fitting) after we took a trip to see her Godmamma this afternoon who had knitted the sweetest little red pinafore dress, perfect to match her t-shirt. I’ve no photo because the princess is asleep, and no link because it appears to have escaped Mandy’s ravelry page unless I’m being very blind. It’s all warm and snuggly (and three inches longer than the pattern) and she looks completely adorable in it – thank you Mandy.