Frozen Dreams


December 006
It is not a fact that has passed unremarked upon that I am just a tad keen on the fluffy wintery white stuff.  In truth, I may have dropped a few hints here and there that I’m rather partial to a quick dusting of snow to clean up the landscape and make the trees all glittery and Christmassy.  So when the country is in the grips of ‘The Big Freeze’ (again) and with H’s parents reporting snow up to the tops of the car wheels and even my family in their clifftop eyrie in Devon sending through pictures of a sparkly carpet of white reaching across the beach to the waves you will forgive me for being a tad miffed that Warwickshire appears to be making a serious bid for the title of ‘least snowy place in the couintry’.

All this is not to say that we are surrounded by green and pleasant land, and I still haven’t planted any of the tulips bulbs, so Kitty and I went on an expedition to find some winter wonderland.  Jephson Gardens hadn’t been gritted so we found enough snow to scrunch under the pram wheels.

I don’t know what they’ve put into the fountains to keep them playing in this weather but whatever it is I’d quite like some for my car squishers, every plume was shooting straight up with only the occasional stutter to suggest a little bit of frost around the edges. 

December 015
The lake itself on the other hand is well and truly frozen, with snow drifting across the top of the ice so that the fountains appear to come from ice bergs, and the toddle up to have a good look at this strange phenomenon and the fountains patter down onto solid ice.
December 013Edit HTML
Around the edges the ice has broken up into fist sized chunks

December 009
Leaving only the smallest ring of open water around the edges for any thirsty explorer birds.
December 008

It may not be the four feet of snow that we dream of but it has its own sort of icy magic – perhaps a little more the White Witch than Father Christmas but a promising start.  And in the meantime…

December 016

… we learnt how to herd pigeons.

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  • Caroline M 07/12/2010 at 11:27 am

    Wrap up warm, stay indoors and be glad, just this once, that the snow missed you. Frozen paths (path being defined as “a bit of trampled snow”) and -14 do not go well together.