Baby Knitting Kitty

The colours of the season


Warning: Actual knitting content ahead!

Yes, it’s true, I have been knitting and even more than that, I have finished some knitting.  Ta da!

November 008
It’s just taken me two months to knit a plain vanilla pair of socks for myself.  Chief in the acquisition of knitting time was Miss Kitty’s decision that sleeping on Mummy is fun, and sitting in the baby bouncer kicking little legs and giggling gummily at Mummy is also fun.  (She also likes watching back to back episodes of Coast while Mummy eats supper with both hands which is wonderful!).

I’m not sure I could manage anything more complicated while she’s asleep on me, and it’s probably true that my baby befuddled brain couldn’t cope anyway so plain socks it is.
November 009
Fortunately the stash reveals a collection of wonderful multicoloured sock yarn that needs plain socks to show off the colours to their best advantage.  Very few patterns would be strong enough to match up to this Fire on the Mountain so it isn’t really worth the extra effort when these are pretty and soft and warm and so very cheery against the oncoming grey of winter.
November 010
They even outshine my sandals.

In fact I like this yarn so much that I couldn’t bear to simply tuck the leftovers away in the scraps box, and as I’ve been meaning to make Kitty some mittens for a while to try to combat the Kitty-Mummy game where Mummy puts mittens on Kitty and Kitty tries to wiggle her hands free without Mummy noticing, I did a little scrap box diving for other STR leftovers:
November 014
And here we see that Mummy has won! Port and Starboard mittens for Kitty made out of STR mediumweight in Fire on the Mountain and Lucky and STR lightweight in Dragon’s Dance. 

The bright colours are fun for her to look at, and they’re big enough that she can wiggle her fingers to her heart’s content without falling off, but at the same time her fingers will stay toasty warm.

As you can see she was wildly impressed with them!

We’d gone for a walk to find some autumn colour around Abbey Fields in Kenilworth and to introduce Kitty to the smell and crunch of fallen leaves.
November 020
I had a great time and enjoyed the change of scene (and the Scrumpy scotch egg from the Cotswold pie stall), and Kitty, well she had a little snooze:
November 022
until we went down one off the off road tracks and she needed to tell me in no uncertain terms that this was too bouncy and not acceptable.  I don’t think there was anyone left in Kenilworth that was in any doubt that this was not a baby-friendly track by the time she had fully communicated her point of view!  Sorry Kenilworth.

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  • mandycharlie 07/11/2010 at 11:18 pm

    Your socks are very pretty, I love them.

    We had a papoose type arrangement for off track walking, it is quite tiring though, especially as baby gets heavier.

    Kitty does look snug as a bug in a rug with all of her handknits on.

  • Jenny 09/11/2010 at 6:11 pm

    Socks are lovely, I really like them with your sandals. Kitty looks adorable and cosy in her knits

  • Rachel 17/11/2010 at 4:31 am

    Look at that hand-knitted baby!

    So glad you are still able to get some knitting in even in the form of plain vanilla socks! They are definitely pretty so it’s a win-win!