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Well two are still one, and as I managed to get the house cleaning done in an uncharacteristic burst of virtue yesterday morning, I got to spend the day playing with fabric and thread while I decide whether to cast on a jumper or knit something that’s already on the needles.

September 145
First on the list, to quilt up all of my finished blocks so far.  I am now absolutely as up to date as I can possibly be with my block-a-month quilt; and as we get further along in the month, I may even make it to this month’s class – stranger things have happened!

This afternoon I could have got my swimming pool quilt out to add the border and start quilting it, but some random pootling around the internet last night swayed me in a completely different direction.
September 147
And a bit of furreting in the fabric stash produced exactly what I needed for this little mini project:
September 148
It’s very addictive sewing and I’d probably still be at it were it not for having run out of stuffing – and this from the girl who usually has oodles of stuffing in the bottom of the wardrobe.
September 149
So until tomorrow, when I’ll have to take a little trip to Hobbycraft to pick up some more fluff (and possibly a yo-yo maker if they have one), you’ll just have to guess what it is that I’m making.
September 151

The only clue I’m giving is that it’s something for the baby.  And yes, that giant red bump is the current incarnation of the bear – he or she makes quite a useful extra shelf until I’m sewing a long seam and I realise that the reason that the fabric won’t feed into the machine is because I’ve lent forward and wodged it between the bump and my legs!

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  • mandycharlie 07/09/2010 at 10:44 pm

    I reckon its an Octopus! (that might have a rattle inside of it)

    Because, you love the seaside and all things to do with the sea and… (much like myself) you have a fascination with socks and so you could knit lots of socks and then it would be a Socktopus!

    And also the colours you have chosen are very marine like.